How to "slam the door" in the old and successfully start the new year

At year end, the productivity drops: we count the days until the start of the holidays. Entrepreneur Sean Kelly gives 7 tips on how to most effectively complete the year.

The days are getting shorter, the air - cooler. It ends the year, and many are already working at full capacity. However, leaders know that the end of December - the time for a decisive breakthrough to a new, successful year.

1. Remember that the goals you set for ourselves a year ago

Some do not dare to go back to last year's goals. We are afraid to discover the lack of progress and believe that the failure of the realization hurt to move on. We argue as follows: "Even if something is wrong, I will correct it in the next year." This approach is bad for business. Now is the time to check how things are going with last year's goals. Yet there is much to finish, speed up and fix to start planning next year.

End of the year - this is a warm-up needed for the successful operation at the beginning of next year. In business, as in the race, you can not run the race at high speed, if you've stood in place for several months. Work on last year's goals, even for a few days will increase your productivity in January.

2. Formulate goals for the next year

Do not delay planning for the New Year's Eve or early January. It is better to think about goals for the next year in advance, so that you have time to get used to it and adjust.

Personal goals conveniently formulated in the form 5-4-3-2-1:

- 5 things you need to do,

- 4 things you need to stop doing,

- 3 new habits,

- 2 people in which you can be,

- 1 new belief.

3. Start working on the achievement of objectives in December

Did you start the year and vigorously active. However, something goes wrong and the end of January you live again as before. Start working towards achieving the objectives in December. So you give yourself time to errors, will have time to correct them for the New Year and you will not feel guilty.

4. Allow yourself to relax before the new year

In late December, plan a couple of days, that you dedicate the care of itself. Before the marathon in 365 days in length is necessary to recharge the batteries. You do not have to take leave - pay attention to health:

- Eat alkaline foods (all diseases develop in an acidic environment),

- Wash your hands thoroughly,

- More sleep,

- Take vitamin C.

5. Make healthy choices

New Year's holidays - a time when we eat mostly junk food and drink more alcoholic beverages. Try to plan your vacation so as not to gain extra kilos and lie most of the time on the couch. Give yourself a promise that this year will be less poison the body: he will thank you good health and high productivity.

6. Reinstall internal clock.

At the end of the year is not enough sunlight. This leads to a decrease in energy levels and bad mood. One way to compensate for the deficit - to begin work later to get a good night's sleep and have time to walk until the street light.

7. Pay attention to privacy

Remember, what is needed holidays. In order to spend time with loved ones and give them time and attention, which is not enough in everyday life. It is important to maintain a balance of work and personal life. Just like your day depends on how you will spend the morning, your year depends on how you will spend its first days. Try to start the year positively.

As the new year start life with a clean slate. Basic rules:

Do not try to get everything at once . If you want the new year to quit smoking or drinking coffee ten cups a day, you should just talk about giving up bad habits, but not about changing their lives.

Complete unfinished. Starting a new life is possible only after you say goodbye to the old. Therefore, in the past, the need to close any pending questions. But in this case also should be approached responsibly, not just break all ties, and try to logically move from one life stage to another. Before embarking on a new business, think about what would happen if the target is realized or not realized. When one has clear answers to these questions, it is much easier to make a choice.

Get rid of negative thoughts. We think, how to start a new life in the new year, but at heart still think it will not work. This is a bad and wrong approach if you are serious. If you decide to start a new life, do not look for excuses not to do it, and proceed with the case. Practice shows that in this case there is not so much difficult to cope with the external obstacles, how to overcome their inner fears. Think about the fact that an attempt is bound to be successful and you will get a great result.

Reward yourself. Even a small victory on the way to a big goal like a new life - it is a victory. Therefore, be sure to celebrate such victories and reward yourself.