Named the principal conditions for health

To permanently preserve brain activity, authoritative in the US physician naturolog Michel Shoffro recommended to follow certain habits in daily life. For brain health are important mental and physical activity, as well as proper nutrition, the expert said.

Recommendations of the American expert has published electronic newspaper "The Age". Talking about the prevention of brain disorders, Shoffro noted that it is extremely important to control the consumption of meat and dairy products with high fat content - have them selectively, not regularly and in large quantities.

"Saturated fats found in foods can stimulate the production of cholesterol and the formation of beta-amyloid plaques, which are the cause of the weakening of memory and the development of Alzheimer's disease", - he explained the doctor.

Also, according to Shoffro, you must refrain from using trans fats. Their brain contaminating components contained in mayonnaise, margarine, many sweets, especially in baking with fillers.

Sugar and sugar substitutes, according to the doctor, also stimulate the negative processes in the body that can lead to "breakage" in the brain. Their she recommends replacing fruits and natural honey.

"Eat more foods with beneficial nutrients for the brain - it's flax seeds and sunflower seeds, avocados, whole grains and legumes, nuts," - advised the doctor of natural medicine.

She noted that the brain does not have to starve, so you need to eat regularly. For active cell renewal and act as the brain must constantly receive nutrients. Also, this requires a stable blood sugar level, shared expert.

Furthermore, in order to maintain brain health physical activity should be present in the amount of not less than half an hour, five days a week, said Michel Shoffro.

Another important aspect, she said, is to control the intake of medicines. "Medicines, which include anticholinergics, increase the risk of developing dementia, dysfunction and shrinkage of the brain," - warned the expert.