Nuts and grains can cause tooth decay as sugar

The remains of primitive people helped scientists figure out which can cause tooth decay.

As the newspaper writes "World 24", archaeologists have studied the remains of ancient people who inhabited the planet for about 15 thousand years ago. During the analysis, scientists have found that the ancestors of modern humans, too, suffered from tooth decay, despite the fact that at that time had not yet learned to produce sugar.

Thus, experts have confirmed that the cavities can be formed not only because of the use of a large number of sweets. 15 thousand years ago, people ate mostly meat, fruits and vegetables. According to scientists, the formation of caries in our ancestors led, primarily plant foods.

According to the researchers, nuts, root vegetables and cereals contain large amounts of carbohydrates, which are mixed with the saliva break down to simple sugars. This creates a favorable environment for the growth of bacteria, which could cause tooth decay in primitive man.

Archaeologists have also noted that in those times, people have tried to fight tooth decay: they were treated teeth with stones, and sealed up with wax.