It was learned why the New Year holidays people are more likely to die

Scientists have found that on the eve of and during the Christmas holidays mortality of people from heart disease increases. And this is connected not with the cold weather, or the wrong treatment.

Researchers at the University of Melbourne decided to find out why during the so many favorite Christmas holidays there is increased mortality from heart disease. Earlier, it was decided to link it exclusively with the cold weather, but now it is proved that feels bad people just do not want to see a doctor, so as not to spoil the festive mood. Sometimes, they also believe that go to the hospital at this time is useless, as health professionals, too, in the most part engaged in commemoration of holidays.

"In the US, statistics show a sharp surge in deaths from heart disease in the period from 25 December to 7 January, which accounts for the Christmas holidays - the researchers said -. Note that this is also the coldest time of the year, which marked seasonal increase in mortality iz due to low temperatures and flu. But it can not explain the similar mortality flash during the Christmas holidays in New Zealand, as there in December and January summer. "

Overall, the mortality rate due to heart disease at the time of the Christmas holidays grows by about 4.2%. This study also showed that if the average age of dying from these diseases is 77.1 years, that during the holidays, he is reduced to 76.2 years.

Many people also go to foreign trips in the holidays away from their doctors. It may also be one of the factors related to increased mortality.