How to improve the shape on the job

Reset a couple of kilos is not so difficult, even if you have all day to sit at your desk, say experts.

A sedentary lifestyle, which suffers most of the world's population, have a negative impact on our health and figure, but it is possible to reduce the risks by adhering to simple guidelines, says dietitian Lyudmila Babich.

First of all, the expert confident that it is necessary to force the body to burn more calories and actively self-cleaning. To do this on a daily basis throughout the day drink clean mineral water in small sips, and in the morning, at lunch and during smoke breaks instead of coffee brew a cup of green tea - this drink is perfectly cleanses the body and removes harmful substances from the tissues and internal organs.

"It would not have been cold and cloudy outside, try not to be depressed. All available means lift your mood, smile more, and most importantly - laugh. Do not ignore the company's colleagues who tell jokes, get 5 minutes to talk about something fun with her friend on the phone. This will help you to lose stress, as well as a nice "bonus" - quickly burn calories obtained from food. During laughter the body begins to run faster. In addition, good mood brings to "no" desire to eat out of boredom or melancholy "- said Babic.

Another excellent and enjoyable way to relieve tension and accelerate the burning of calories - music! Surely you have headphones in the office. If the work allows, be sure to listen to your favorite music while it is in progress. Either dedicate this short break between the important things. But do not just listen - and to dance to the beat, move your shoulders and head, ticking off a rhythm feet (silently, so as not to interfere with colleagues if you are not alone in the room), in general - to dance as you like best and how the situation permits. When all the active movements in 20 minutes, you can get rid of 120-130 calories.

Visually tighten the contour shape and lose a few extra kilos to help simple exercises that you can perform right behind the office table, not looking up from his work and without attracting undue attention.

Sedentary lifestyle negatively displayed on the shape and health, but, unfortunately, in today's realities, not everyone has the opportunity to regularly visit gyms, and even bring himself to walk after a hard day's work is often quite difficult. Therefore, experts advise to use every opportunity to give at least the minimum load in some muscle groups.

"Look for every opportunity to get up from the table - instead of having to write a message to a colleague via e-mail or" ICQ ", stand up and walk to a nearby office. Talking on the phone - get up, walk around the room. Do not eat lunch at your desk - better to walk into the dining room or a nearby coffee shop during a break. At the same time, try to eat less greasy and heavy, giving priority to plant food, and not snacking biscuits and sweets and fruit, light yogurt or cereal bread roll with vegetables and herbs "- advises Doctor Victoria Savitskaya.

But really noticeable result will only exercise, and perform many of them can even be behind a desk.

- Sitting in his chair, put his hands in the center armrest. Now lift your legs a few centimeters from the floor and tighten your abdominal muscles. Now lean on your hands and lift the body from the chair, trying to straighten the arms, slowly lower and repeat the same thing again 10-15.

- Sitting in a chair, lean slightly forward and place your hands on the armrests. Connect your knees and slowly lift them off the ground as high as you can. Then slowly lower yourself down, making sure that the back had straightened. Repeat once 10.

- For the hips and waist it is recommended that this exercise: Sitting at the table, move closer to the edge so that the hips do not lie on it. First, tear off one foot off the floor and lift a few centimeters from the floor, stay in this position seconds 8. Lower the leg and lift the other foot. And so just 10-15 for each leg.

- Another exercise - sitting at the table, move the legs back a little, as if the shoulder line. Now lean your hands on the edge of the table and slowly lift the seat over.

- Strengthen the muscles of the neck perfect head turns from side to side and tilts to one and the other shoulder.

- To strengthen the press, pull your stomach and hold for as long as you can. Relax a little and then do the same

- To strengthen the muscles of the legs and the press - sitting on a chair, straighten your legs and raise them. Now one foot, as it were push to another, and so each leg times 10.