Named the most dangerous products for the holiday table

British chemist Katrin Harkap listed the most dangerous foods and decorations of natural origin, which can be found on the holiday table. It is reported by The Guardian.

Rating heads marzipan - a mixture of ground almonds into the flour and powdered sugar. Almonds contain amygdalin, which, once in the intestine, turns into hydrogen cyanide. This poisonous liquid is quickly absorbed into the blood, but lethal in humans may trigger the use of at least 35 kilograms of marzipan at a time. Harkap notes that the nuts of bitter almonds are more dangerous than the marzipan.

Second place in the list is nutmeg. Abusing them can trigger the appearance of hallucinations and tachycardia, as well as accompanied by visual disturbances, nausea and loss of consciousness. This is due to the fact that contained miristsitin nutmeg, which in its action resembles amphetamine. The negative health effects may result in the use of 1.5 kernels.

Third place in the ranking is mistletoe, which is often used as a decoration for the Christmas table. It contains foratoksin - a substance that stimulates the reflex bradycardia, hypotension, narrowing of the vessels in the skin and skeletal muscle.

In addition, Harkap noted the danger of another type of plants used as decorations - milkweed beautiful. Damage to leaves and stems of its leads to the release esters which provoke skin irritation.