There was a cure for the most aggressive multiple sclerosis

Completed clinical trials of a new treatment for multiple sclerosis, has been very successful. It was found that the drug ocrelizumab has the ability to slow down the damage to the brain. This is the first medicine for the victims of primary progressive multiple sclerosis - the most aggressive form of the disease, which quickly leads patients to a wheelchair.

It turned out that among the receiving ocrelizumab only in 33% of patients had worsening of the control period, compared with 39% in the control group receiving placebo. Also, patients on medication had less brain damage on the scans, they needed less time to overcome walking distance of 7.6 meters. In clinical trials, 700 patients participated from across Europe and the United States.

Two further studies showed that ocrelizumab also able to treat the relapsing remitting type-RS, which are characterized by exacerbations of the disease, followed by long periods of remission.

Intended for intravenous drug demonstrated a significant effect in slowing the progression of disability in patients at the third phase of clinical trials. These results should be considered very good. Currently, general medicine can not offer anything substantial for patients with primary progressive multiple sclerosis in addition to symptomatic treatment, and the first time they have hope.