Flexibility: Why drag in adulthood

Flexibility - a person's ability to perform the movement with the greatest amplitude. Underdeveloped flexibility hampers coordination of the movements, as it limits the movement of the individual parts of the body.

Flexibility - along with strength, stamina, speed and coordination - is part of the concept of physical fitness. If you have not developed the flexibility, but other qualities are developed - you can not talk about what you're really athletic. That is why flexibility is necessary to pay attention to brand any age.

As we age, our body begins to synthesize protein is less active, which is the foundation to building a tendon tissue and cartilage compounds. "From this increases the stiffness of joints, muscles become less elastic, there is the effect of stiffness. In these states imposed stress and fatigue, which we accumulate with age. All these factors lead to the fact that a mature age our bodies much ogrubevaet compared to the youth, "- says the coach Anna Polyakova.

It is in order to slow down this process, and we need to engage in stretching and joint exercises - exercises that can be performed at any age.

stretching rules for people aged

"Of course, with age, body flexibility deteriorates significantly, but to begin stretching exercises is never too late", - said Anna Polyakova. And here are some rules of stretching for adults.

If you've never exercised before - start their studies under the supervision of a specialist. This can be done individually or in groups in the classroom. The main thing - to show you the proper technique for exercise and pointed out the mistakes that you can make.

Mandatory condition of each class - warm-up in front of him. It is important to warm up your muscles, start the selection of joint fluid and warm up the whole body. So you quietly enter the occupation, insure against injury and get the best effect. It is also permissible and cardio workout, for example, in the form of walk.

Use items that can help you in class. It can, for example straps: it will be easier to perform many exercises with them. "This so-called passive flexibility - normal for adults. it is not necessary to be ashamed of it, "- said Anna Polyakova.

Do focus on the work with the large joints (shoulders, elbows, knees, hips) and the major muscle groups, which we use in everyday traffic. Important for you to do the exercises, the effect of which is useful in everyday life.

Do not aim for high achievement. "People aged must be important is not split, and regular training," - says Anna Polyakova.

Add to the other stretching workout, best pool

"As a rule, an elderly person has some kind of diagnoses related to limit the load on the musculoskeletal system, so it is best to deal with these kinds of fitness that relieve compression on the joints and spine," - says Anna Polyakova. It is best suited for this pool. Easy navigation, joint exercises or stretching in the water - will be an excellent option of additional training.

body of a young and ease of movement is directly related to the mobility of the joints and muscle elasticity.

The exercises recommended by actively performing the movements for the development of mobility in the joints with gradually increasing amplitude, the use of springy "squatting", swaying, flapping movements with large amplitude.

Basic rules for the application of stretching exercises: Do not allow pain, movements are performed at a slow pace, gradually increasing the amplitude and extent of the use of force assistant.

The main method development flexibility is the second method, where the stretching exercises are performed in series. Depending on the age, sex and physical readiness engaged in exercise repetitions in the series is differentiated. As the development and improvement of flexibility are also used gaming and competitive methods (who will be able to bend down below, who, without bending the knees, will be able to raise both hands from the floor, flat object, etc.).