Sex and Menopause: truth and fiction

The word "menopause" taboo for most women, are afraid of him, do not like to talk about it. But if you want to make this inevitable period not only worsened, but also improved the quality of your life, you have to be ready for it. At the last in the Prague 15 th World Congress on Menopause gathered endocrinologists, gynecologists, gerontologists and from different countries. They talked about the fact that you should know about menopause and what should not be afraid.


1. Sexual life during menopause improves women's health

Climax sex is not a hindrance. This rule is not to forget. All experts agreed Congress: The best remedy for menopause - a regular sex life. Sex excellent effect on blood circulation, as well as on the psychological condition of the woman. Even if at the time of menopause you have a whole bunch of diseases, from the sexual life should not refuse, it will negatively impact on libido.

In addition, menopause - almost a second youth. Judge for yourself: the children are grown, sexual feelings are the same bright, but with little or no danger of getting pregnant, migraine and pain characteristic of PMS are. It would seem that still enjoy life, if not now? But plenty of women perceive this period as wilting and the end of everything - youth, sex and love.

What actually happens to the female body during menopause? Androgen levels decrease more than testosterone. Namely, testosterone is responsible for the sexual activity. And it turns out that testosterone does not disappear and does not drop. So that desire does not go away. Women's physiology is such that post-menopausal sex want more.

2. The ability to have an orgasm does not disappear

"There is an opinion that sex is only for the young and beautiful. This is not so - says Voight gerontopsychology Dzhenotten - you can a life of 90 years, you may have cancer, you may be a wheelchair, but to love you as much as in his youth. And love sex as well. Many young people are having sex much less often than the elderly. I know this from my interns, they do not have time for personal life - exams session practice. We no longer use the word "old", and now doctors say "srednemolodye". If you think that sex in old age is soft and quiet, you are also wrong. Since women with the arrival of menopause, decrease androgen levels, it affects the grease - it becomes less. Therefore, the stimulation and sex itself takes more time than in his youth, and it becomes more important for women prelude. But the ability to orgasm with age is not reduced. Even in the 85 years a woman can have an orgasm, including multiple. "

"Try to have sex regularly, at least twice a month, including masturbation. I am, in principle, for ensuring that doctors recommended patients aged masturbation. In 70% of women over 65 years of age have at least one chronic disease. So, you are taking at least one drug. And some of them cause sexual dysfunction. But it does not change if a woman has a regular partner and personal life. Recent studies have proven - sex affects the life expectancy of both men and women, prevents fading of the brain. You can not have an orgasm, but sex must be present in your life. If hormone levels influenced your libido, take estrogen, it will help to return the desire ", - said the expert.

3. Sexual life during menopause improves

"The unpleasant symptoms of menopause perfectly treated using hormone therapy. Yes, sometimes they turn to me the woman complaining of decreased libido, - says the chairman of the British Society for the menopause, consultant gynecologist at London Royal Hospital Nick Pahner. - I advise all gynecologists: at the first consultation let a woman talk about her sexuality. In addition to hormone replacement therapy for women are often required to train the intimate muscles. We can not allow atrophy or omission of the pelvic organs. Physiological inconvenience help overcome the current pharmacological agents. For example, lubricants, creams ".


Myth 1. Climax always accompanied by malaise and tides.

"Sweats and hot flashes are best treated with hormone therapy - continues Professor Nick Pahner. - In my opinion, progesterone and gidrosteron - better alignment and better therapies. The dosage of hormones greatly reduced, or even lower doses have a protective effect and increase bone density. I am often asked whether hormone therapy is harmful. No, I'm his wife wrote these drugs. So I advise all women - want to stay young, keep the appearance and sexual activity, then take hormones. "

Myth 2. Sex and menopause does not cause pleasure.

Studies have shown that sexuality and libido are not related to estrogen levels, which significantly decreases during menopause. In addition, at least 50% of the women who participated in the survey showed that not notice reduce the interest in sex. A significant reduction of interest in sex indicated at least 20% of the respondents. Nevertheless, even these 20% can only be the result of prejudices and expectations. So do not be surprised if at the time of menopause, your personal life will not only worse, but even richer than before.

Myth 3. After menopause occurs wilting all body.

Menopause - the natural changes in your body, alteration in hormonal levels that occur with age, and men too. During this period, it decreases the level of the hormone progesterone, which is very important for the female body. It not only provides a continuation of the pregnancy, but also affect the condition of our skin, hair, on the metabolism. During this period, the woman can gain weight. But to be ready for these changes, it does not affect the quality of your life.

What do we have to do? Eat right, maintain a healthy lifestyle, to lead an active life (including sexual), to give up smoking and alcohol, take hormones, if needed. Then you save the beauty and Health has for many years. Because the symptoms of menopause can last for 3-5 years, not as doctors previously thought and up to 10 years.

"Women are more focused on external beauty, and body and health issues they care less, - says a leading specialist in the field of gynecological endocrinology Svetlana Yureneva. - I wish that they did not forget that the health of this period is very important. After all, our bodies lose the protective effect of estrogen and progesterone. There is a growing risk of developing diabetes, blood vessels lose their elasticity, bone weakening. But if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, you will extend yourself and youth will be able to avoid unpleasant symptoms. "

Myth 4. During menopause, all women experience hot flashes and become hysterical

For some women, menopause can be a very quiet period, while others are really faced with irritability. There are several factors that determine the emotional state during menopause:

- Personal health and reproductive history;

- Healthy lifestyle relatives on the maternal line;

- Eating habits;

- Smoking, drinking;

- Whether the woman is ready to resort to hormone replacement therapy.

Myth 5. All women during menopause should be treated with estrogen replacement therapy

"Firstly, menopause - is a natural process and not a disease, so the use of the term" treatment "is not necessary. Secondly, various women need different hormones, and some definitely do not need an extra estrogen. Possibly, on the contrary, they are in need of testosterone. There are also cases in which the hormone therapy simply does not have any influence on the course of menopause, "- says Marina mammolog Travin.

Myth 6. Hormone therapy increases the risk of cancer

Fortunately, this is not true. The statistic risk of breast cancer has not been confirmed. Major risk factors for cancer in this age group - a body mass index (obesity), and smoking.

Myth 7. Protect is no longer necessary

With the onset of menopause significantly reduced the probability of fertilization, but a full guarantee to get pregnant there. The use of contraceptives remains valid for at least two years after the termination of the cycle, because at that time there is still the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy. The best way to protect this period - the use of condoms. The use of hormonal contraceptives is possible only after consultation with a specialist.

And do not forget that in adulthood can live a full life and enjoy it.