How to enjoy the New Year's table without compromising the health

In our families decided to celebrate New Year's generous - with lots of appetizers, cold cuts, main courses and additions to them, but that hospitality is often very negative impact on health and well-being.

A familiar pattern: first, on the table appear all sorts of appetizers, salads, sandwiches and slicing. Half an hour on the table, put the hot - fatty meat with potatoes. The guests begin to eat all mixed up, and half an hour later feeling of heaviness in the stomach, drowsiness, etc There can be no dancing and fun.

"For the New Year's table you want to try everything, but still try to do it right. Take breaks in the food, at least for 15 minutes - the doctor advises Victoria Savitskaya. - More than 5-course very undesirable to interfere, try to choose for themselves that something in this aisle - for example, vegetables, a little salad garnish and meat, plus, if you wish, leave the fifth point for dessert. I wish it was, of course, fruit. But here too it is necessary to be careful - after an abundance of fatty foods, many vegetables can cause "unrest" in the stomach. "

In order not to spoil the holiday itself, follow the simple rules:

- Do not starve all day in anticipation of the festive table. Good breakfast and a light lunch - are required.

- Half an hour before sitting down at the table, drink a glass of cold water. This will start the digestion and gently fill the stomach.

- You may also want to take a few tablets of activated charcoal before the start banquet.

- Do not interfere with everything, try it, but little by little.

- Do not wash down salads with mayonnaise sweet soda

- Do not interfere with several kinds of liquor, and wash down with spirits, especially sodas.

- Do not lean on store juice, add 2-3 cups you extra 140-300 calories. Exception - vegetable juices.