How not to gain weight during the holidays: 7

You lose weight for six months and now panic fear approaching New Year holidays, because the temptation to gorge on any harmful too large? Then these tips are for you.

In order not to inflate to epic proportions during the endless feasts of Christmas, you have to adopt seven simple rules.

1. Do not seize emotions

Holidays evoke positive emotions not all. For several reasons you may be sad and then a box of chocolates and a bucket of Mandarin have asked you in the mouth.

Going for a regular portion of Russian salad, ask yourself a simple question: Do you really feel hungry, or is it a banal attempt to seize anxiety, sadness, loneliness, resentment, or stress?

If you have caught myself on the fact that the food - it is an attempt to remove the emotional stress - do not reproach myself for it, so it will only make things worse. Just set aside Olivier and try to be comforted by something less nutritious. Apelsinka, for example.

2. Do not give yourself a promise to lose weight after the holidays

This is the wrong approach, which deprives you of all limitations and includes a green light to all harmful eating habits. Still, try to keep yourself in hand and remember that the body - not an accordion, and permanent weight jumps eventually have a negative impact on health and skin.

3. Rule once

If you come to visit the space owner, which has 100500 meals on the table, everyone will want to try harder. Try small portions and set myself a rule: do not take the supplement that you particularly liked. It is better to find out the recipe and try to repeat the dish at home.

If going to a celebration, you doubt that there is a healthy and wholesome food, you can grab it with him. For example, you can take all kinds of salads or even fruit.

4. Do not starve before a festive dinner

I do not have a whole day in front of a Christmas meal - the worst thing you can think of. Very hungry, you will eat a lot more than your stomach can hold, and ensure yourself digestive problems. It is better to eat the whole day as usual, but an hour before dinner, eat something light (yogurt, vegetable salad with olive oil, an egg or an apple) and be sure to drink a glass of water.

5. Be careful with alcohol

Yes, alcohol will be present, but at least try not to drink on an empty stomach and keep his norm. Alcohol stimulates appetite, delays in tissue fluid and reduces vigilance. What kind of conscious approach to eating can be discussed after two or three glasses?

Discard the liquors, cocktails and spirits, and try to limit dry wine and champagne.

6. Eat slowly

Holidays - a time of culinary delights and delicacies, which do not need to fill his stomach, and enjoy. So enjoy the food wisely and for the benefit of the organism. For example, dishes that are often on your desk (potatoes, fried meat) can be ignored. Prefer something more refined.

7. Think of a way to burn calories

Few people during the Christmas holidays visiting sports clubs and likes to run. But there are many other ways to spend the calories obtained: a walk in the winter woods, ice skating, skiing and tobogganing, hiking in the sauna with friends, dancing, an aqua park. Try to spend the holidays as the more active you can, and then the problem will not be dialed kilograms you worry.