Brain aging faster than men

The group of researchers reported that the central parts of the nervous system of men is aging faster than female brains.

Such a conclusion was made by the staff of the leading clinical center. According to doctors, the head guys brain weighs 12% more than the brains of girls, but the speed of circulation in the central parts of the nervous system of men is lower than that of women 1.3 times. It is reported that during the implementation of experiments scientists involved 200 volunteers. The age of all subjects ranged from 18 to 80 years.

With the help of magnetic resonance imaging specialists studied the brain observations of participants. It turns out that the brain tissue of men wear 2 times faster than that of girls. In addition, negative changes occur in the brain section, which controls speech. Thus, Gay brain can not function as efficiently and for a long time, as the female brain.

For this reason, most guys will give faced with the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease.