Black list: what can not drink snack

On the eve of holidays and feasts all of us are waiting for the abundant food intake, and of course, alcohol. To avoid unpleasant consequences, the experts decided to find out what products are not compatible with alcohol.

It is not necessary to conduct experiments and to mix alcohol with energy drinks. In addition to the acid they contain substances that increase blood pressure, cause cerebral vascular spasm, disrupting kidney, and also contribute to the development of seizures and cardiac arrhythmias. People with diseases of the cardiovascular system and under no circumstances should not be taken with alcohol with energy, otherwise it can cause a stroke or heart attack.

Pickled vegetables are a favorite snack of many. But, despite the fact that cucumbers and tomatoes have long been considered a traditional snack, it should be emphasized that their use may adversely affect the liver and kidneys. And it all is that they are used for the preparation of acetic acid. The best option is boiled vegetables (potatoes, beets). You can have a snack pickles, not pickled, or pickled cabbage. Generally it must be said, the most correct snack is salad.

Not in any case should not mix alcohol and carbonated drinks. The fact that in the latter gas contains carbon, which irritate the gastric mucosa, thereby increasing the rate of absorption of alcohol. As a result, a person very quickly gets drunk, completely out of control, and drinks much more than the amount that is safe for the body. So, keep in mind, if you drink alcohol mineral water or any other carbonated beverage, the hangover will be difficult.

Unbelievable but true, but such a harmless vegetable, tomato, it is not recommended to combine with ingested alcohol. The fact that this tandem causes digestive problems. It should also be noted that the processing of tomato products such as tomato paste this effect is not caused, so the tomatoes in their own juice and juice can be used without hesitation.

Often as a snack people choose something sweet. Typically, this chocolate. However, we must understand that it is combined with alcohol too much load on the pancreas, resulting in not excluded abdominal pain, cramps, and other failures in the work of this body. As for the cakes, then there need to be more careful. Since that the ingestion of a large amount of fast carbohydrates, fat and ethanol body establishes the order of assimilation derived substances. First, processed sweet component, which allows you to get glucose. At this time, the fats have time to form an enveloping film which prevents the absorption of alcohol. Again, thus you ensure yourself a long hangover.

Also negatively affects the body and fatty meats. Despite the fact that it is always there on the wide table with snacks from its use should be avoided if you drink alcohol. It is better to eat a piece of boiled meat or the roast is. A perfect solution would be a fish. Protein foods will be digested for a long time, thus creating the conditions for the gradual absorption of alcohol.

Girls, drinking alcohol, often prefer fruit, especially grapes. It should be understood that this action will only exacerbate the fermentation process, because with alcohol in the body will do a lot of sugar.

And, finally, coffee lovers. You are unlikely to encounter someone who drinks some vodka coffee, but prefer to draw a glass of brandy espresso easy to find. However, alcohol-coffee mixture creates the danger of occurrence of hypertensive crisis or cerebral vasospasm. Because if you have certain cardiovascular disorders, to drink these drinks together is strictly prohibited.

It is very important, no matter how funny any meal, monitor the amount of alcohol consumed. To the morning of 1 January was the maximum for you good, you should remember that champagne or beer is better to drink separately from other alcoholic beverages. Vodka with brandy or whiskey and mix it is not necessary, as well as all spirits - with wines or liqueurs.