White spots on nails - causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

White spots on the nails (Leukonychia) - change in the nail plate, characterized by the appearance of point, strip-or extensive white areas. White spots on the nails can not be just a harmless cosmetic defect, and indicate serious health problems. To determine the causes of white spots on the nails necessary to carry out diagnostics, including consultation of the dermatologist, study the spectral analysis of trace elements in the nails, nail scrapings from plates on pathogenic fungi. In order to eliminate the white spots on the nails need to work on the cause of their appearance: to avoid injury to the nail plate, to take a course of vitamin therapy to normalize power supply, etc.

  • The causes of white spots on nails
  • Characteristics of white spots on nails
  • Diagnosing the cause of the appearance of white spots on nails
  • The treatment of white spots on nails
  • White spots on nails - treatment

  • White spots on the nails

    deformation of the nail plate, dyschromia, brittle or exfoliating nails can tell a lot about the health of an experienced diagnostician who is in front of the patient him. nail condition reflects the changes in the body during the last six months - this is the period required for a complete renovation of the nail plate. Knowing the possible causes of white spots on nails, can be carried out a kind of pre-diagnosis of various disorders in the body.

    manicure, pedicure or nail. In addition, adverse effects on the nail plate has a coating of poor quality decorative nail polish, hand in constant contact with household and industrial chemistry (detergents and cleaning agents, acetone, paints, solvents, fertilizers and so on.), Nail-biting. The emergence of white spots on the nails of the feet promotes wearing too tight shoes.

    Very often white spots appear on the nails in people who abuse rigid diets, anorexia, lacking micronutrients (calcium, zinc, iron) and vitamins (A, E, C). Leukonychia may indicate diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (dysbiosis, enteritis, etc.), Anemia, heart failure, chronic renal failure, trauma-informed, long depression.

    Dermatology distinguish limited and total Leukonychia. In the first case there is a partial violation of keratinization of the nail plate, nail affects 1-2; in the second case there is a complete loss of one or all nails. In the form of white spots isolated spot and strip Leukonychia. White spots on the nails may be small or large and multiple and single; white stripes - horizontal or vertical.

    According to the type and arrangement of the white spots on the nails can be pre-judge or other genesis Leukonychia. Thus, when the traumatic nature Leukonychia white spots on the nails point, at least - strip, chaotic; In these cases, it never develops a total loss of the nail. After a strong nervous shocks usually appear large single white spot in the center of the nail plate, which disappear as the nail regrowth. When Leukonychia due to nutritional factors (incorrect and unbalanced diet, lack of proteins) defect takes the form of paired white stripes arranged across the nail plate.

    On the shortage of trace elements and vitamins speak multiple point white spots on the nails. Typically, vitamin deficiencies show and other related symptoms. Dry skin, hyperkeratosis, cheilitis, fatigue, etc. The single white spots on the nails appear in the spring, most people due to the seasonal hypovitaminosis. Especially expressed Leukonychia usually occurs in adolescents and pregnant women, whose body is experiencing increased demand for vitamins and minerals.

    Individuals suffering from chronic renal failure, extensive white spots are located in the lower part of the nail; with the top of the nail plate has a healthy pink color. In diseases of the cardiovascular system white spots appear on the nail plate, bluish. Total Leukonychia observed in diseases of the digestive system, the liver; wherein the white spots may appear not only on the nails of hands, but also the legs.

    a dermatologist who can recommend, if necessary, consultation with other specialists -. gastroenterologist, nephrologist, cardiologist, etc. To check the status of mineral metabolism advisable to conduct spectral analysis of trace elements in the nails.

    Leukonychia must be differentiated from strips Mey, occur in cases of poisoning by arsenic or thallium. These strips have a blue-white color, width and transverse location 5 mm. You should also eliminate onychomycosis, for which, in addition to white spots on the nails, characterized by thickening and discoloration of the nail plate, different strains (ingrown nail, "bird" fingernail), crumbling and peeling nails. Diagnosis of fungal nail infections mycologist carried out on the basis of the results of scraping on the pathogenic fungi with the nail plate.

    Beauty salon for the topical treatment of the nails with the help of professional care products, therapeutic hand and foot baths, massage of hands and feet. In addition to the salon treatment at home can be done with sea salt baths; rub into the nails mixture of heated olive oil with lemon juice, oil solution of vitamin A, cod liver oil, nourishing creams. If fungal infection courses of medication and a local nail treatment is appointed and carried out a medical mycologist.

    Preventing the appearance of white spots on nails

    By themselves, the old stains on nails pose no threat to health. However, their appearance in some cases may indicate a serious trouble in the organism, therefore this symptom is not to be ignored. Wrong "mask" white spots on the nails of the decorative layer of varnish. On the contrary, when they appear to be temporarily give up manicure nail treatment and be diagnosed by a specialist.

    While working with the chemicals necessary to protect the hand gloves. At the salon care of the hands and feet is better to give preference to institutions with a good reputation, sparing procedures and famous cosmetic brands. To avoid the appearance of white spots on the nails will help a balanced diet, taking vitamins. In total Leukonychia, first of all, necessary to exclude diseases of internal organs.