Severe illness or injury: as psychologically recover

From illness, injury or loss no one is immune. When the physical pain subsides, remains that presses on us psychologically. Psychologists advised ka cope with this condition.

When we need a full recovery

The fact that you and your family will have to work on your recovery, say the following features.

You feel exhausted emotionally and physically

Extreme fatigue, emotional burnout, reluctance to somehow improve their condition and fuzzy intention simply continue to exist under the circumstances.

Your fatigue is felt physically

You are bad and little sleep, under- or overeating, decreased physical activity, and you no longer feel yourself full of energy as before. Most likely, you have long been not in training and represent slightly when it happens next time.

Things that used to bring joy, not deliver
You no longer like your favorite dishes, favorite books and series is not pleased as pleased before, but you're going to work as punishment (if any are going). Even chat with loved ones cause a desire to bury in a blanket and vylazit only when absolutely necessary.

You are irritable

Laces from coming near you tied up in a strange surrounding breathe too loudly, weather, whatever it may be, leaves much to be desired. And anyway, we had to stay at home (would be better if nobody will touch), all in vain.

Are you constantly frustrated

Do you remember when you really heartily laughed for the last time. You will not laugh in your favorite social networks of public and life seems gray and bleak.

The mood is constantly changing

Another 5 minutes ago you seem to want to have fun, but now it is the desire somewhere evaporated. You want to sleep, then hang out, you cry.

It's not like you

You do not behave like this in real life. The above points - for someone else, but not for you. But for some reason, now we began to learn them myself.

This will take place when you let go.

How to start recovery.

Do you recognize yourself in all that is said above, and it looks like something really went wrong. This is normal in your situation. The main thing - to act.


Try to analyze everything that happens to you. Recognize that there is a problem and it should be solved. As long as you do not do this, all your attempts to change something will be lethargic and reluctant as if you are actually in perfect order, and everything that will try to make your loved ones, you will be rejected for alleged unnecessary.

Make a wish

Psychologists say that you can not help someone who does not want to deal with the problem. No matter how hard your family, they can not help you until you do not want to get out. Make a wish to feel happy again. Program yourself for recovery. We are after all a child say: if something very much want to, it will happen.

Allow yourself to take a hand

Do not reject help families and those who love you. Those who are close to really help you, even if at first you will be denied the benefits of their presence. Just do not prevent them from doing so. They, too, will not be easy. And only you can do it together.

More say

Do not gloss over the problem. Do not hesitate to their condition. You can understand. And you need to help. The more you talk, the more opportunities you have to talk to yourself you give, the faster you will come back to normal.


Keep a journal and write to all that is happening to you. Write about your feelings, thoughts, actions, impressions. If you are enslaved and can not speak to the person who next to you, you can trust the paper everything. Write honestly. If you want, no one else will see it, so why hide something.

Ask yourself questions

Why did this happen to you? Why this test on your way? What does it give you? How it changed you? What impact? whether it hardened your spirit? Just answer the questions, you can understand. Just knowing you can get rid of what bothers you.

Load yourself

It is rather a recommendation for your loved ones. They have to pull you into the city, concerts, cinema, theater. They should push you to a normal active life. Do not be afraid to plunge into the maelstrom of events and activities. So you lived before, just weaned from it.

Start big deal

It would seem that now is not the best idea. Everything will depend on you. Try to start a big deal. Write a story. Start reading a book. Create something. And remember: the moment when you dopishet their work, finish reading a book, or inflict a final touch to his creation, it's over. You'll be free again.

Get out of the shell

The most banal advice, but you need to say about it. Get out. First let everything inside will resist. If you feel sorry for yourself endlessly, it will always be there in your shell of the problems and fatigue. Do not allow yourself to kill yourself though.

From misery no one is immune. But the truth is that each event brings something into our lives. Understand that brought you to this period of your life. And then release it. Let go and come back to normal.