The path to personal happiness - a healthy relationship with other people

The quarrels in the family, gossip and intrigue at work, bad relations with neighbors have a negative impact on health. The therapist Melanie Greenberg talks about how relationships with others affect health.

Harmonious relations make us not only happy, but also healthier, as well as a good sleep, good nutrition, and smoking cessation. This effect is given not only romance, but also friendly, family and other social networks.


Middle-aged woman, satisfied with their marriage, less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease than those who are in a toxic relationship. Furthermore, there is a direct correlation between weak immunity and high levels of stress hormones in the blood. In women after forty, unhappy in marriage, have higher levels of blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as a higher body mass index than those of their contemporaries. A failed personal life increases the likelihood of anxiety, anger and depression.

FRIENDS AND PARTNERS TO ACQUIRE motivates us healthy habits

The harmonious relationship people encourage each other to live a healthy lifestyle. Social support motivated to eat more vegetables, exercise and quit smoking.

In addition, to play sports with friends or keep to a diet with a partner easier and more enjoyable. Thanks to a healthy diet not only do we ourselves feel better, but also looks good. This motivates to continue the job.

However, sometimes support can turn into a desire to control the partner. Normal support promotes health and controlling behavior breeds discontent, anger and resistance. Objective factors such as the desire to look good, better, "grafted" healthy habits than subjective, such as the desire to please a partner.

Social support reduces stress

Harmonious relationships reduce stress reactions, we inherited from primitive ancestors. This was proved by researchers studying the behavior of people who have to speak to an audience. If the hall was attended by a friend, partner or other family member, in the speaker is not so much quickens the pulse and heart rate was recovering faster. Communication with pets also lowers blood pressure and leads to normal levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Friendship and love helps to resist DEPRESSION

For people who are prone to depression, harmonious relations - an important protective factor. It is known that the full social support reduces the likelihood of depression in patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Support family helps these patients to modify lifestyle to a healthier, promotes their mental rehabilitation.

The positive effect of a friendly, sister and partner support was observed in different social groups: students, the unemployed and parents of seriously ill children.

You can also have a positive impact on the health of their friends and relatives. We need to listen carefully to what they say, to care, to motivate them to lead a healthy lifestyle and the possibility of eliminating sources of stress. Try not to criticize the family and not to leave the conflict unresolved.