8 characteristics of successful people

If you search the Internet for a list of the qualities necessary to the successful person, you can find: patience, communication skills, self-esteem and more. The importance of these qualities proved by scientific experiments. But according to psychologist Travis Bradbury, "success formula" there is still no.

Why in this respect there are so many opinions and theories? Probably, the fact is that successful people - arranged so difficult personality, that many of their personal qualities seem mutually exclusive. Most of us have some of these qualities or characteristics of the person, and they are able to combine several. Often, in this combination and is the key to their success. Here are a few examples.

1. They are polite, but not afraid to "rock the boat »

One might say that such people tend to "gracefully break the existing order of things." They are never satisfied with the status quo. They are constantly asking "What if?" And "Why not?". They are not afraid to challenge the "truths", nevertheless, they did not seek to break the routine of things just like that, they always want something to improve or enhance.

However, they are polite and considerate and try not to draw attention to other people's errors unnecessarily. This does not mean that they keep silent, if they see that someone is in a completely wrong direction. They did not hesitate to declare that it is time to change course.

2. They are passionate about their work, but at the same time suitable to work rationally and objectively

They are passionate about their work, but do not allow emotions to distort their thinking and behavior. They do not lose the ability to self-criticism, able to admit mistakes. If you are defeated, you will recognize this and direct the force in a different direction. They are able to see the results of their work indifferently and always ready to listen to others' reviews, not taking them too seriously.

3. They have developed and divergent and convergent thinking

Ability to convergent thinking are measured by IQ tests (IQ), it is a rational thinking necessary to solve problems that have one correct answer. In contrast to his divergent thinking less linear. It includes the creation of new ideas and reflections on issues that can not give a correct answer.

Both types of thinking are important in their own way. No matter how high your the IQ, you do not succeed peaks, if not able to think outside the box. On the other hand, rational thinking is important to distinguish the valuable ideas from the worthless.

4. They are energetic, but calm

When it comes to work, that they are really interesting, successful people power supply seems inexhaustible, and they remain calm, not goryachatsya and no fuss. They control their energy entirely concentrated on the task at hand.

There are people who have the energy literally brims over, they are hyperactive, can not concentrate on one thing, constantly jumping from one business to another. Successful people also know how to direct their energies in the right direction, so that it helped them to move towards the goal, but did not interfere.

5. They are able to work and have fun

Successful man his life confirms the correctness of the statements "Find a favorite thing, and you are more than a single day will not have to work." Because they love what they do, for their brainstorming, decision workloads and long and hard work on the projects really interesting, provide food for thought and bring satisfaction.

Therefore, despite the fact that they relate to the job seriously, receive from her such pleasure that the line between work and leisure in their lives eroded.

6. They ambiverty

Those who have achieved success, combine the qualities of extroverts and introverts. They can sit quietly in the corner of a conference room or to go on stage and appeal to a large audience with an inspiring speech, and in both situations feel comfortable.

7. They are intelligent and at the same time naive

Intelligence is crucial for success, but many have attained success and retain childlike, as if they do not see (or do not respect) restrictions, which blindly obey all the others. They are not limited only to those that consider other possibilities.

8. They have and modesty, and self-esteem

Proud of his work - a necessary condition for success, but they would not have reached the heights without the help of those who worked with them. They know that success - not only their merit, and because they do not worry about it, do not feel the need something to someone to prove. That is why quite often in person are kept simple and modest.

The result?

Why are there so many opinions about what qualities are necessary to the successful man, and why these qualities are contradictory? A simple recipe for success there, and people who achieve in life tops can usually boast a combination of a variety of personal qualities, like the mechanics who have a wide range of tools for all occasions.