How to cope with dependence on smart phones and the Internet: a few tips

For many of us, electronic devices have become like an extension of the body, and to disconnect from the web is becoming increasingly difficult. If you came to the store or to work, we find that the left smartphone at home, often feel quite palpable anxiety. Specialist in the treatment of anxiety and depression Tina Arnoldi told what to do.

Most of us are likely to realize that the Internet to conduct too much time is harmful. By becoming an essential part of modern culture, information technologies and means of communication can have a negative impact on our mental health and well-being.

But, alas, this habit, like any other, is often very difficult to get rid of.

If you realize that the gadgets and the internet came to play in your life too big a role, these five steps will help you to gradually cope with addiction.

1. Do not start the day with checking email

Barely awake, do not immediately open letter about the next workshop or read the reminder of late payment - so you risk to spoil your mood before the start of the day. Instead, spend the morning calm and relaxed - for example, walking, doing yoga or meditation.

2. LEAVE car phone

"Personally, I can afford to miss some calls and letters, while I go to the supermarket. In my life there are no such obligations, which would require 24 hours to be in touch from me a day, 7 days a week. I understand your situation may be different - and yet, leaving your smartphone in your car, you save yourself from the temptation to start mindlessly flipping pages on the Internet, while standing in line. Instead, you can watch the world go by and, who knows, maybe even talk to new people, "- says Tina Arnoldi.


"I can imagine the expression of your face! The idea that you can not go to social networks every day, many may seem wild. But, mind you, I advise you not to remove, namely, block pages, and user accounts - you can activate them again when the need arises ", - says Arnold.

"I often block your profile on Facebook, for the reason that it does not bring me any good. Time spent on the site, does not bring me to the realization of my goals, but only allows you to escape from reality. At the same time reading the comments and records often only spoil the mood. I do not know about you, but I do not want hammer head negative and unnecessary information, "- she said.

4. The special program

Many tools and applications to help control the time you spend on the Internet. They can, for example, to disconnect you from the web to a specified period of time and not let go at certain sites.

In itself, this does not solve the problem, but such programs can provide you with invaluable help while you are trying to change their habits.

5. The practice of mindfulness

Try to pay attention to the feelings and emotions you experience, using modern technologies. Anxiety and anger? And maybe, fatigue and even hostility?

Here are a few questions that should from time to time to ask yourself. You can even write them down and hang a sheet next to the computer to check yourself for a day.

Why do I check these sites?
What I hope to get from this?
What emotion I have is what I read on the Internet?
Do I move with those objectives, that I want to achieve?
What I do not have time to do due to the fact that I spend so much time on the Internet?

The Internet gives us access to the endless stream of other people's thoughts, ideas and knowledge, much of which we have annoying and prevents to think creatively. To rest and recover, we need peace and quiet.

"Take a few moments to think about their habits, associated with the use of modern technologies. I'm sure you'll find that should change. Even small steps can greatly improve your psychological state and increase productivity, "- advises psychologist.