Five secrets to people who do not face the emotional burnout

Stresses occur at each of us, only one they threaten emotional burnout, for others pass almost unnoticed. Why so?

Emotional burnout - a state of exhaustion that paralyzing force, mental and physical. In this state, we lose a sense of the joy of life, are not able to accept any positive events, become lethargic and unsure of themselves. Such a condition is usually caused by stress or a series of stress, and sometimes many. Many - but not all! Recent studies have shown that the higher the emotional intelligence of a human, the less the likelihood that he suffered emotional burnout. People with high EI better experience difficulties keeping stress under control and do not give him a chance to spoil your life.

Emotional intelligence allows us to understand the origins of our frustrations and anxiety, improves the ability to analyze the situation and work through their emotions. In addition, EI presupposes conflict management skills and interaction with other people. How people behave, which does not threaten the emotional burnout?

They are trying to do is not be a source of stress

Perfectionist or disturbing a person can create a stress without any outside help. By virtue of its own internal systems and the inability to deal with their fears, they inflate out of molehills and see for themselves the danger, even where it is not in sight. For example, the chief looked at you askance, and you no longer sleep at night: what if he does not like your job? Suddenly, he had already decided about your dismissal? Suddenly Some alarm superimposed on the other, negative emotions have no access - and now for the succession to be full of stress emotional burnout, with his depression, tantrums and negativism.

Be able to cope with their "inner demons" - and you will not be an easy prey to stress and avoid burnout.

They admit that not everything in their power

Each of us knows our weaknesses and strengths, each suggests what he is able to solve the problem, and what - no. Weak athlete would not dare compete with the Olympic champion, because he knows that does not quite live up to its level. Closed introvert also should be aware that, for example, a job that involves a large number of contacts - hardly the one he needed. If you are well know their capabilities and acknowledge the fact that in some areas you do not need to express themselves, you will not be tormented by a sense of helplessness, not going to reproach myself that did not succeed in this field. You enough that there are other areas of life in which you feel a champion!

They quickly neutralize negative emotions

At that moment, when you feel anxiety, stress or anxiety, take a deep breath. Or straighten shoulders. Or wave your hands a couple of times. In short - do something that will neutralize your negative emotions and allow them to leave your body without causing harm to your psyche. Exactly postupaeyut people with high emotional intelligence. Consciously or not, they feel that the negative in any case should not be "trapped" inside us. Once you learn to control your emotions, you will notice how easily you become to cope with problems in their lives.

They are able to revise their views

If you can not change the situation, we must change our attitude to it - this banal truth really works! Do you think a particular problem a threat to something very important in your life? Can it destroy your world and cause irreparable damage? Do you Think about the situation in 5 years? Think about it: What do you risk? If only the money or prestige among the people who have the most to you are not respected, then whether or not to take everything so much to heart?

They react quickly to conflicts.

Stress caused by quarrels and conflicts, long knocks us off balance and is able to provoke a serious problem - with self-esteem, relationships, prospects. Learn to manage conflicts, do not ignore them - and stress in your life will be much less. Listen to the other party, try to understand his point of view, ask questions. Cultivate empathy - and then you will no longer suffer far-fetched problems: it is likely that the claim of your interlocutor does not directed at you personally.