4 steps that will reconcile you with success

It often happens: you have longed for something, but when the goal was achieved, emptiness formed in the soul

It would seem: it's time to rejoice and be proud of yourself, but your souls are scraped by cats. This is akin to disappointment after the holidays: you were waiting for them, prepared, chose outfits, and they passed, as if they were not there.

Such a "disappointment from success" is characteristic of perfectionists, people who crave constant self-improvement and are never satisfied with their own, even impressive results. From the side, you seem to be an example for imitation, a man who "made himself": he achieved tremendous successes in his career or creativity, created a strong family, brought up amazing children. But you yourself are not happy with it.

In addition, another step of success is the increased responsibilities. When you dreamed of getting a boss chair and did everything for it, you somehow did not think about the price that you have to pay for achieving the goal. For example, that now in your life of work there will be more than free time, that many associates will treat you with undisguised envy. Now, becoming an important person, you suddenly realized how much you lost, reaching the long-awaited goal

How to reconcile with your success: 4 steps

Step 1

Think about your mission again

Your mission is much more than the success you have achieved today, although this success is part of it. A mission is something for which you live and move on. What is your mission: to make the world more beautiful, to bring a little more kindness into it? Or maybe your mission is to make the space around you comfortable for the closest? Or, perhaps, to become a Teacher and show people their best qualities? Formulate for yourself what is your mission. Thanks to this you will understand that your success today is very important for you, and also that it is only an intermediate step on the path to self-improvement.

Step 2

Enjoy the process

Some studies show that the external attributes of success and reward for work do not increase labor productivity, if the process of this labor does not give people any pleasure.

You need to learn how to enjoy the process of success, savor the individual moments in its path: how successfully you were able to hold the presentation, how skillfully you coped with the task, how successfully you could motivate the child to learn well.

Such attention to the process of achieving the goal will help you to have fun and happiness from every little step on the way to it, and will also form an idea of ​​yourself as a successful person - regardless of the significance of each achievement.

Step 3

Develop a strategy for a successful life

One, even a very significant victory - this is not the end of your journey. Think about the grandiose goal that you could embody in the future. This can be an almost fantastic success, for example, publish your own book or organize your school. Develop a whole system of daily habits that will help you achieve it. For example, daily record your thoughts, or improve your knowledge of languages, or watch your physical form. If you receive daily confirmation that you are moving forward, then the day following the one in which you triumphed will be another one on the way to the Great Dream.

Step 4

Recognize that success is not a constant

Any indicators of success - money, social recognition, love or something else - are mobile and dynamic. Every day we rethink our achievements, and what seems ideal today seems to be seen from a completely different angle tomorrow. The ideal career in 20 years is not at all like in the thirty!

From time to time, conduct an audit of your goals, guided by your own life experience and acquired knowledge. And take for granted that the success that today seems to be significant tomorrow can only be an intermediate stage.