How to get rid of the feeling of powerlessness: 11 ways

Everyone has those times when discouraged and it seems that from us nothing depends. In some people, these periods are stretched for life. Marty a German psychologist sure to cope with the feeling of powerlessness can be, and gives 11 tips to make it.

Not only children but also many adults dream to have superpowers. Some - Physical: such as to cope alone with five bandits, others - political, while others are as dispose of a magic wand or a cap of invisibility. However, in reality such dreamers usually can not only change the world, but also to manage their own lives.

Learning to acquire self-confidence step by step.

1. Become a tutor, mentor or consultant

By helping others, you will feel like your participation and support are changing their lives for the better. It will give you strength.

2. START interested in politics

Policy - an area in which the accumulated whole force of the world. Sometimes even voting in elections gives a sense of strength: thanks to people like me, that candidate wins. We can go further: to become deputy assistant to work in the campaign headquarters, and then have the courage to stand for election.

3. To acquire the necessary skills

Knowledge - the power, and the more you know and know how, the more confident feel. New skills can be very different, from the development of recipes to a game of chess. Learn HTML and be able to create their own websites. Learn how to effectively use search engines, and increase the speed of accessing information. Learn to meditate and you will feel comfortable and confident in difficult situations.

4. Shift work or activities

You have a horrible boss? You do not like your job? Never too late to do what is interesting and is not associated with constant stress.

5. Create your own ETHICAL BUSINESS

The owner of the smallest companies, as opposed to the employee, he makes the decisions, and this is its strength.


Write a memoir. Record a short video tutorial, which share useful information, and place on YouTube. Arrange a presentation - even for one spectator.

7. to fix ANYTHING

You can fix a leaking roof in your house or a neighbor to help with repairs. The phrase about fixing should not be taken literally: you can adjust with someone or to reconcile the relationship of friends.

8. Take care of your HEALTH

To feel good and avoid frequent communication with doctors, you need to eat right, do not forget about physical activity as much as possible to avoid stress, do not use psychotropic drugs to control blood pressure and blood sugar levels.


In this case, important regularity. Even if you set aside the whole of 1000 rubles a week, you will feel more confident. If in doubt where to invest money, contact a financial advisor.

10. BE GOOD - BUT NOT GOOD mindlessly

If you return good for bad things, it will only worsen the situation. For example, if you are constantly helping out a relative who gets into trouble, you poison your life and feel powerless. Grief-kin on your kindness also not getting better. It makes no sense to change: it is certain that you will solve all his problems.

11. Do not be arrogant

Some people consider their opinion the only correct and is not willing to listen to what others say. In fact, it is important to pay attention to the different points of view, including the fact that opponents are thinking. The better you understand the situation, the more powerful feeling.