3 important skills that you will not teach

Tired of living on a schedule by following the list of "100 life goals" and the list of cases in the diary? Coach Mark Manson offers several life hacking, which will add a bit of chaos in your life. With their help you finally start to act spontaneously, without adhering to any plan.

3 vital skills that you no one ever teach

DO NOT TAKE everything to heart

So we are arranged: everything that happens in life, we are taking into your account and skip through. When we are successful, we think that everything around us applauded. When things are bad, we get angry and we believe that we deserve better. We feel good only for a short period of time.

However, those who criticize us in times of failure, may have with us is much more common. Do not assume that others are constantly discussing our mistakes: in the end, all obsessed with only ourselves and nobody cares about others. To err is human - is simply to take this lesson.

Everything that happens to us, makes us stronger, and it's part of our existence, whether we like it or not.

Do not hold on to their beliefs as a lifeline

Even if the belief is easy to destroy, like a house of cards, many people continue to hold on to them, trying not to fall overboard sinking ship. It seems better to pretend that we do not hear anything, cover his ears with his hands, than to agree with the other point of view.

For example, when we are 16 we have formed a clear opinion, covering all spheres of life. We know for sure that she will never fall in love, "botany", if he does not have a lot of money and expensive cars. But when the so-called botanist turns 30 it's the same belief can play a trick on him, affecting the way a person behaves with the opposite sex.

The desire to realize the error and the pursuit of new knowledge is directly proportional to the changes that can happen in life.

Try this technique: Now write down on a sheet of paper 20 things that you'd like a change. Challenge all that unhappy: "I'm lazy," "I do not know how to talk to people," "I can not feel happy, because I always get annoyed," and so on. Once score 20 points, go over the list and write, that is, if you change it to myself. What will your life?

To let the changes necessary to see the two sides of the coin, and not assume that there is only black and white.

Learn to act in advance without knowing where it leads

Since childhood, we used to do something that has a clear ultimate goal. Store it in the room - deserve praise, write a term - get the estimate. There is no uncertainty: Just do what you need.

But this does not happen in real life. No one tells us in what area we can build a successful career, there is no guarantee that we will be happy love "once and for all." There is no way to know for sure whether we are doing the right thing or not.

Because of this, we all avoid: we need to know the result, not even starting to do something. Subsequently, our life becomes a series of recurring events - just because it is safe.

Perhaps we expect thousands of tiny setbacks, but the only way we will come to success.

Many of us are definitely worth adding to the chaos of his usual routine. Stop doing everything for the sake of some kind, sometimes fictional and illusory goals too.

Live for today, indulging in the flow of life. Perhaps we expect thousands of tiny setbacks, but the only way we will come to success.