7 simple ways to make your day better

Sometimes we feel unhappy and exhausted with no apparent reason. We have neither the strength nor the desire to do something, and we wonder how others manage to keep up with everything. The blogger and journalist Emma Woolf suggests seven ways to deal with apathy and a better life.

We all want to find a universal way to be happy, active and healthy. Unfortunately, it does not exist. However, every day you can make a small step to ensure that you feel better, get rid of fatigue and start living life to the fullest.

1. Become a perpetual motion

After smoking, obesity - the most common cause of cancer, so make physical activity a part of everyday life. In summer, ride a bike in winter - skating and skiing. At any time of the year engaged in Nordic walking. More walk and go on foot.

If you do not like sports and clubs, just try to be more active. Go up and down the stairs instead of the elevator, get off one stop earlier because public transport and walk on foot, the park at the farthest part of the park hypermarket, carry shopping bags in their hands, rather than to take advantage of the trolley regularly arrange general cleaning of the house - in a word, invent any physical activity. Importantly, do not sit still.

2. Meditate

Make it a rule every day to devote 10 minutes of meditation. Let this be a sacred time for you, when you can exhale calmly think about it, or read something inspiring. Not the social network. Hunched over korpenie smartphone causes headaches and back pain. Try to spend 10 minutes on positive thoughts - listen to your inner voice, think about how to become better and to help others. Change the negative perception of the world and those around the positive. Thank the world, friends and loved ones for all the good that has happened to you.

It is proved that meditation helps fight depression and reduce the risk of heart attack by 15%. Try yoga. Engage in the house and you can spend the same 10 minutes. Practice relaxation purifies the mind and promotes positive thinking. A few simple asanas (sun salutation or dog muzzle down) will strengthen the muscles and help maintain flexibility.

3. Eat right

Healthy eating requires a thoughtful approach. The majority of failures in the diet is due to the fact that at hand was not a useful way to satisfy your hunger. Suppose that you have in the refrigerator will always be fresh fruits and vegetables, and in the box desktop - nuts and dried fruits. Do not order pizza or sushi for friendly parties. It is better to buy a healthy snack - fruit, carrots, celery and hummus, farm cheese and whole grain bread.

Exclude from the diet of shoplifting sauces, prepared food, sausages and soft drinks. Net unprocessed foods are better assimilated, give a greater boost of energy and a long feeling of satiety. Switching to a healthy diet, you will notice that they have become better sleep and easier to concentrate. The complexion becomes fresh and radiant, and extra weight will leave of their own accord.

4. Look for the benefit

In addition to giving up junk food, you need to fill ration useful products. For example, oily fish rich in omega-3 protects vessels from aging and cares for youthful skin. Legumes and whole grains activate the synthesis of happiness hormone serotonin, thus they oppose bad mood and apathy. Dark bitter chocolate (containing magnesium) struggles with irritability.

5. Sunbathing

Try to at least 15 minutes a day to be outdoors. It proved that vitamin D, which is synthesized in the body under the influence of sunlight, protect against depression. UV rays pass through clouds, so that cloudy day does not exempt from the mandatory trips. But in the sunny weather do not forget to use a cream with SPF-filter to protect the skin from premature aging.

6. Before going to bed

Lack of sleep makes us feel overwhelmed in the morning. It is useless to try to trick the body with the help of coffee and chemical energy drinks with high sugar content. They provide a temporary burst of energy, and then comes the backlash.

Lack of sleep is bad not only on health but also on the immune system, leading to colds, obesity, heart disease. Try to go to bed no later than 11 pm, it is required by our natural biorhythms. Before going to bed do not sit on the internet and do not watch TV. Make the bedroom area, free from digital devices.

7. Arrange a digital detox

Social networks and virtual communication is no substitute for real. Try to use smaller smartphone on weekends, always disconnect the phone at lunch and dinner and meeting with friends. Think of things to do with family and members of the family in the evening. For example, play board games, with something to cook or read a book to discuss. It's better than sitting in different corners with tablets and laptops.

For those manic checks mail every five minutes, there is an application that completely block the device to the selected time - 30 minutes, 2 hours, day, week or even a month.