How to Overcome Anxiety: 3

You are very worried because of work, family problems, or policy? To the alarm did not cause the appearance of stress, try these techniques!

All of us from time to time about something going through: that of the children, then the relationship with loved ones, the problems at work. In principle, this is a normal expression of our indifference and confirmation that we - not robots, but living people. Only here the anxiety, like other emotions, should be in moderation. If your life has become a solid experience on different occasions, it is time to sound the alarm: the stress covers you with his head! What to do? Giving Directions methods that work!

Stabilize blood sugar levels

Anxiety - a reaction to stress, when the brain commands: "Fight or flight!" Sometimes we can master their emotions, say, do not tear the cry or start to cry, but in other cases it is almost beyond our power. And all because of this cause of stress can be blood sugar levels. You probably do not just caught myself on the fact that when you're hungry, you start to get angry because the most innocent things. The mechanism is the same: an empty stomach - low blood sugar - anger and stress.

What to do? Discard any starvation diets and ensure timely delivery of carbohydrates (preferably mineral). The easiest way to do this is by eating strictly by the hour, at intervals of not more than 4 hours.

Eliminate coffee.

Coffee consumption was already given a kind of (very nice!) Ritual? It warms, it tastes good, it is often the only thing that is able to pull you out of bed in the morning. But if you stress or anxiety, coffee just reinforces these negative processes, and here's why. Contained in coffee caffeine activates the nervous system, and if you have it, and so on edge, only exacerbated by stress. At that moment, when you are excited, nervous or anxious, is able to bring you coffee hysterical!

What to do? Of course, in time to give up the drink. But remember, the rejection of coffee should be gradual, so that your body time to adapt their work to the lower level of caffeine in the diet. If you drink three cups a day, drink two a week. By the way, the tea also contains relatively large amounts of caffeine, first replace the black tea green, then grass.

Practice short breathing meditation

Of course, the ideal solution for stress - a daily meditation for half an hour. Meditation, especially breathing, calms the nervous system, stimulates the production of hormones that fight stress. Moreover, this "cure" anxiety is perfectly safe! But what if you are chronically fails to allocate half an hour on meditation?

What to do? Several times a day, especially if you feel that your nerves are on edge, held for 2 minutes of breathing exercises. Two minutes - that's the time you can afford to spend! The easiest form of breathing meditation - a method 4-2-4: 4 account inhale air, 2 accounts hold your breath, exhale to 4 accounts. Set the timer and to engage in such breathing exercises for 2 minutes several times a day.