5 simple ways to beat the autumn blues

It is no secret that most of the events that happen with us are not clearly good or bad - it all depends on our point of view. And it, in turn, is influenced by temperature, and amount of sunshine.

During warmer months, we look at things with ease, and in the autumn, when the emotional background is less stable, the same situation suddenly appear in a negative light.

Cloudy weather makes many of us are prone to reflection, lengthy inner monologue, apathy, from which close to the present depression.

The best prevention in this case - new activities and hobbies: they will not only help defeat the autumn spleen and reveal new facets of our personality, but almost certainly come in handy in the future.

Work out

Those who work from dawn to dusk, returning home closer to the night, there is no need to explain what a "Groundhog Day." Life is gradually losing paint, chronic fatigue symptoms are increasingly being felt Rotate life in the right direction to help the sport. No, not another promise to start a new life on Monday, but concrete steps are: the purchase of subscription to a fitness club, personal trainer, or easy jogging.

When choosing a sport should be guided by the general level of physical fitness and innate temperament. As practice shows, quiet, peace-loving people to Thai boxing fits just as bad as aggressive - badminton or golf.


Another cure for melancholy autumn - dancing. select the rule in temperament and work here: the tango, bachata, salsa, flamenco allow truly open, charge them a furious energy. If the public display of emotions is not included in your plans, you can choose, for example, more peaceful waltz.

Decide in advance in a single voyage you are planning to embark on, or grab a partner from this will also depend on the choice of direction.

Dance school - a kind of club of interests, there is no random people, and if you can prove to yourself and others that are willing to work hard, then after a couple of months of training the new world so grab you, that even at the thought of the autumn blues will not have time.

Find a hobby

Agree, the question of the hobby often puts us into a dead end. In some simply do not have time for this, while others - ideas. Meanwhile, in order not to go crazy from the busy schedule of responsibilities and stressful situations, you need something to find an outlet and be inspired by.

Reading, drawing, flower, crafts and soap-making - too corny? Think of yourself less "battered" activity: Loans robotics, learn versification or arrange a home garden bonsai. The main thing here - do not listen to "well-wishers' that will remind you that" your age "it's time to do something more substantial.

Play music

Many of us shudder to remember the years spent at the piano, accordion or violin at the music school. But now, when parents and teachers do not stand over the soul, why not go back to this lesson?

Rainy autumn evening is the best suited to refresh your memory and play the 17th sonata of Beethoven - or find a tutor and learn the game in a new musical instrument.

Fulfill a childhood dream

Renowned photographer, dancer, singer - who we just did not see myself as a child. Then life has forced to switch to something more "serious" and "promising", almost leaving no time to think, "What would have happened if I had ". If childhood dream has not yet been released, one way out: to start to implement them, while ignoring the many excuses about age and employment.

Getting to combat the autumn blues, remember: in our power to make life bright, rich and interesting - without reference to the time of year.