One of the common causes of diabetes - a loveless marriage

Do not look for causes of disease outside of itself. And it is to be considered, and those who gave life right (parents) or indirectly (progenitors), says a well-known psychotherapist Luule Viilma in the book "Diabetes".

For example, more and more frequent cause of diabetes is a marriage without love.

A child born of the marriage, is a latent or latent diabetic, whose lack of love is more than critical. If such a person is trying to improve his family life only to work, the feeling of love from him even more fragile. His child may suddenly, without any apparent cause, for diabetes, for no one can ever predict what kind of family quarrel can be something more than a simple quarrel. For the child, the parent row has the destruction of love. Little quarrel may be the last straw that broke that triggers diabetes.

Where the family is considered to be the foundation of prosperity, in the event of failure easily arises anger.

Destroying anger against the failure of the husband turns accusing of her husband and starts to destroy the pancreas. Male, which is already trying to do the impossible, is now responsible humiliating accusations against his wife. So there is mutual hatred to affection, tenderness, sweet dreams. At such times, the meaning of life disappears, because the other party is deeply wounded a truly delicate and intimate benevolence.

The left side of the body - the male energy, or anything related to the father, husband, son, male sex.

The right side of the body - the female energy, or anything related to the mother, wife, daughter, female.

The lower part of the body - the energy associated with the past; the lower the distant past. The closer to the ground, the material problems.

The upper part of the body - the energy associated with the future.

The rear part of the body - the energy of the will, or will power.

The front part of the body - the energy of the senses, accumulating in the chakras or energy centers.

The pancreas is located in the left half of the body, the male half. The pancreas, being soft tissue, there is a woman.

Patient pancreas - it's like an aggressive woman in the area of ​​male ownership. Diabetes has a scathing anger against women, men and men's - response - destroying hatred against women. The essence of anger that "the other side has destroyed the happiness of life and beauty." Diabetes is a disease of public hatred or hatred secret, vile, petty and treacherous. Diabetes comes to where not implemented fabulous dreams.

The pancreas is located in the area of ​​guilt. Diabetes - a langergantsovyh destruction of pancreatic islets. Exterminating only anger. Thus, diabetes is associated with the charges. He blames the one who wants to be higher than the other. He who loves, there is no desire and need to be higher.

Diabetes that occurs in old age shows that workaholic person begins to age more and more to hate her husband, as the exorbitant work buried under a love. Man does not remember why born. He forgot that work is for man, not man for work. He accuses and condemns the other, and he destroys himself twice. Diabetes in the elderly is typical for women. And all because of the fact that they love to find fault in others, especially in men, to sweeten their lives.

The body of a sick diabetes in the elderly said that the parents of the man did not like each other. They attached importance to the rest, and accused each other in everything. Their anger has made life so bitter that in a child's body, they should learn a lesson from the wrong sweeten life. Diabetes mellitus is an attempt of the human body to make life sweeter.

The body of a sick diabetes in children suggests that his grandparents did not like each other and have not learned the love of his parents. Apparently, they had better things to do. When both pairs of grandparents hate each other, the children's diabetes is particularly severe.

Since the pancreas is, the soft tissue, the root cause lies in the maternal line of their parents. When a child suffers from diabetic bone, the same problem applies to the parents with the father's side.

Generally, diabetes is a disease of the immune system. The immunity provided by the thymus gland. This gland is located on either side of the trachea in an area controlled by fear do not like me.

Diabetes - a disease hereditary. Heredity, in short, is a law of nature that says that like attracts like. We inherit the nature of their parents, even if we have nothing more to inherit, and this is the highest value of life, as there rises the eternal wisdom of the spirit.
The man who forgives his parents and the parents of their parents, save their souls from the yoke of guilt and at the same time frees both them and their souls for future lives.

Every parent, who did not accept the correct life of their child, carries in his heart inexplicable guilt - his mistake is not corrected.

Each child who comes to life to atone for bad their parents to buy wisdom, but their parents are not forgiven and thus not learned necessary, also feels the inexplicable sense of guilt. Forgiveness is more powerful than we imagine.