Six of the best ways to enjoy life

Our way of life makes everything move faster. We suffer, but we can not stop: we need to run further, to have time to do more and better.


"In yoga, the feeling of life is very much related to what is happening to us here and now, - says Yulia Makarova, a yoga teacher. - To see the world really, surprised its depth, it is necessary to learn how to stop. Not only physically - it is also important to learn to slow down your internal dialogue: constantly thinking about their actions, we fixate on useless experiences.

She notes that in India, met a lot of poor people who know how to enjoy the simplest things: the warm weather, smile. They seem to remind us that it is possible to notice and appreciate the feeling of life. "Let go" yourself, give yourself a chance to slow down and escape from the superficial. It does not require much effort: Wear comfortable clothes, go outside, look around, "switch off" the thoughts and feelings and just rejoice that the good that is happening to you now. "

To open beauty.

"We used to live in their thoughts and anxieties that seem to veil obstruct us from reality, - says Barbara Sidorova, art therapist, therapy, Head of the Centre arts. - Drawing, we focus on what we are doing on their movements, brushes, paints. We can move on a piece of paper their thoughts, and can represent something that caught our attention, it came in response to our "I".

Subsequently, it becomes our resource here we can draw strength and inspiration. For example, you see a beautiful tree on the street, and then he drew. Every time I look at this sketch, you will return to your feelings and experiences and re-charging a positive, creative energy. "

"In this case, if you are not at all important, know how to draw, both in small simple line is the beauty, mystery, beauty, - continues Barbara Sidorova. - Cherry blossoms, of course, fascinating, but unnoticed at first sight as beautiful petal The main thing - to paint and have fun.

Each of us can create a lot with their hands. The trainings we make cup: sculpt them out of clay, fired in the oven It turns warm, lively, a real cup. And drink from it is a pleasure every time we get the heat, the energy and joy that have invested in it at the moment of creation. "

See funny

"We, the adults, are often very serious and heavy, - says Irina Baranova, smehoterapevt, author and host of the training" Laughter for the creativity of their lives. " - It is not often allow ourselves to go beyond the conventional and make cute, funny pranks: the bow tie, to surprise, to compose a poem. Relax, cease to control themselves and all around, behaving as children - many of us do not even know how to be nice sometimes frivolous

Almost all of his actions, we analyze from the perspective of society. We do not see the little things we do not notice the ridiculous. We should learn to notice details, be easier to get rid of self-importance pressure. And finally see their own lives, to stay in it. A good joke tickles the mind, the world turns upside down and brings to light the hidden truth. If inwardly we are well and comfortable, it will be easier to catch the funny even in serious matters. "

Touching another

Our acquaintance with the world begins to touch hands, and tactile sensations forever remain a reliable source of information for us about the other person. Greeting, farewell, or congratulating each other, we hug.

"Embrace - is devoid of sexual coloration way of expressing sympathy, - says psychotherapist Virginia Satir. - If people would pay more attention to their needs in tactile contact, they might have been less aggressive. "

In everyday life we ​​easily forget about the power of gentle touches. And just a few minutes to feel the other person, to hug, to touch his fingertips to his arm or shoulder. Slowly, delving into their feelings

"For the small pleasures of touch hides a great joy in the presence of the world, to be here and now, we need the tactile experience, - Mrs. Aida Aylamazyan, psychologist, head of the studio musical movement and improvisation" Geptahor ". - Unfortunately, today we are experiencing an extreme shortage of physicality, movement The body was almost off from the life of modern man.

We have the whole day sitting in front of a computer, from the senses only the eyes work for us To regain a sense of their own physicality, you have only a little to change their habits, overcome fear or stereotype behavior.

Of course, without violating someone else's personal space - other people's borders are inviolable. We are talking only about how to be more flexible, to act so that the setting of boundaries of decorum and distance does not become a chamber closed on all sides. Otherwise, we run the risk of losing access to their natural bodily and emotional needs, to turn from the living creatures in the set of roles and functions. "

Savor the taste

"Do not just swallow hastily warmed dinner, but rasprobovat dish using all the senses: taste feeling, watching the color, feeling fragrance, inspired by the sound (the crunch of radish appetizing, the sound of sizzling meat on a frying pan). Drinks are worthy of much attention.

"Pour a little into a glass of good wine and allow it to" breathe "- suggests Alexander Pavlov, chief sommelier, leading seminars and author of a course of lectures about wine. - Then inhale its aroma, otpeyte slightly, without swallowing, and - Freeze. From sensations born colorful images: vine, cherry stone, perhaps, vanilla or honey. Good wine is revealed with each moment, giving us all the new tones. It is important to taste it slowly, listening - and then a few minutes to open a completely different palette: from the meadow mushrooms to black currant.

The variety of flavors is inconceivable, it all depends on whether we will give yourself time to experience them. Each glass - a whole era, history, fate But it's impossible to feel, not paying attention to the drink, respect and patience. To get a real pleasure, you need to immerse yourself in the process with all our heart, mind, soul. Catch a taste of the thread and wound it, as if a ball And this principle works in everything in life, like wine, every nuance of taste differs to other shades - and this process is infinite and perfect. "

Listen to yourself

"We are social creatures, and our pleasures do not come by themselves: almost at all times, they were largely constructed by society and the environment, - says Elena Petrovskaya, philosopher, anthropologist, chief editor of" Blue Sofa ". - Today, this control becomes total: advertising, media, lifestyle, famous people imposed on us pleasure ready samples. Sit behind the wheel of a new car, for example, or a chocolate bar to get into the hammock. Well, if we do not like the taste of candy bars? Or we are not prepared to work for several years on a new car and still get into debt to get a loan? So, we need to find the courage to resist the pressure.

In a sense, search for pleasure - is the search for himself. We each have our own affections, passions, interests. These must be addressed and, if we want to get is their "private" pleasure.

For example, many people bring joy to work in the garden - and not because they can not live without their cucumbers or green. They just like the physical effort, the spirit of the earth, communicating with plants. Ultimately, the question of pleasure - this is a matter of choosing the right strategy in relations between the individual and society. Our task - not to go against society, and to be themselves: to take the necessary, reject the alien and develop what is peculiar to me. "