Top 5 methods that will help to behave decently, if you anger swept

Rage and anger - not too good feeling, you try not to succumb to them, but there are times when it is simply impossible! How to communicate when you are angry? Psychologists have given a few tips!

Ideally, as soon as you feel a fit of anger, irritability or anger, it would be necessary to curtail the conversation with the words: "I knocked off track, let's talk when I calm down," transfer communication at a later time. But sometimes it's just impossible. So you have to continue the conversation, pretending kindness and tolerance at a time when all the bubbles within you!

Status of anger often causes us to wrong doings. In affect, we can tell a story too much, to insult the person or promise something, why do we never will. In order to avoid undesirable consequences, try to stick to these simple rules.

Speak slowly and deliberately

Savor every word spoken by you, do it after stopping and after each phrase pause. Fast and loud it will be even more you cheat, but slow and calm will soon get over it and stop being angry.

Practice singing inside

Try it at the moment when you are close to someone who enrages you, start singing to myself! Suitable any tune or any song that you like. As an option - you can begin to recite aloud the poem (though the other person may have misunderstood). The fact that poetry and music harmonize our inner condition and soothe the nerves. Just what you need in a moment of anger!


If you do not know what to say, or what you want to say clearly hurt companion, just keep quiet. During the silence, try to count from 100 to 1 in the mind or breathe deeply. Pause delayed, and you even begin to try to find out: "What do you think?" Say that you are not ready to answer this question, or that you will express its opinion later.

Eat something sweet

Sweets contain carbohydrates in large quantities, which means that they are able to improve our mood almost instantly. In order to somewhat weaken their negative emotions, eat a piece of chocolate or candy. Let the sweet and harm your figure, but it calms anger and aggression!


If you switch your attention to the conversation, and a person on something extraneous for a while, then your anger is necessarily weakened, and again you will gain the ability to think sensibly. It is best to turn your attention to the so-called "center of Wrath": an area in your body where you feel discomfort during anger. It can be a nagging pain in the solar plexus, stiffness in the shoulders, the tension in his hands, or sore throat. Try to pat the area where you feel discomfort. At the same time you can tell some short phrase such as, "I'm sorry, I'm a little bit nervous today."