How to deal with emotions: the technique of "internal observer»

In every man there is an internal subpersonality, "internal observer" - an objective and independent of our "I". It helps not to fall completely in injury. He - the part that remains neutral and just watch what is happening, unemotional, non-judgmental. Because of its neutrality "internal observer" capable of objective and constructive analysis of what is happening. His motto. "My injury, emotion, experience - this is not the whole (all) I '

At the moment of experience to recognize what you are experiencing strong emotions, captured them completely.

It is necessary to highlight the emotion or experience as a separate internal figure, this figure is said to be an experience. And the "internal observer" - in the internal shape Observer (feel it apart in the body).

Working with the "internal observer»

To cope with the experiences, you can perform the following sequence of exercises:

1. Locate the body and experience of the observer. It is important to limit the place where is located The experience not to be captured by them entirely. For example, the emotion you trembling right hand. Let Experience is located there, and the observer, for example, in the head. Be aware of and feel that other parts of the body other than the right hand, healthy and at ease.

2. Describe the experience of paper on the sheet, as detailed as possible. And then read out the role of observer and write on it, he observes.

3. Draw on a sheet of paper and the experience of the observer. View in which they appear. And what would be comfortable for you?

4. Make the alignment of the table. Align figure on the role of emotions and figure in the role of observer. Let them talk. Let Experience tells about himself. The observer can ask him questions. And then let the observer will tell you what he sees and hears, and can give some advice. Touch finger of the figures for which are currently talking about.

5. Become entirely observer and picture experiences to present in front of him, both in the TV at a comfortable distance. Tell from the position of the observer, what you see and how you can reduce the experience of, to solve the problem.

After this work once again listen to the sensations - what has changed in the body. How and where there is now experience of how it is transformed and where the observer.