As of the stress changes the spine

In the middle of the last century, the Western doctors have proven that some bodily disease actively develop against those or other negative emotions - and to this day continues to explore Psychosomatics this relationship.

Unlike Western, Chinese doctors never considered the health of the body apart from the psychological condition. To find a disease that is not associated with the emotions, I would have had to remove from the human nervous system and see what he will get sick without it. Since this is not possible, then any treatment in China means itself and work with the body, and the emotional background.

Scoliosis as a way to break

A simplified mechanics "psychosomatic" (but from the point of view of Chinese medicine - all) diseases as follows: a person regularly experiences a particular emotion, it just puts pressure on him every day. The body adapts to this pressure, so to neutralize even more disastrous consequences, says a specialist in Chinese medicine Anna Vladimirova.

To make it clearer, let us consider the example of the idea of ​​such diseases as scoliosis - a complex spinal deformity. Today, science can not give absolutely accurate answer, why develop scoliosis.

Chinese medicine binds the development of scoliosis in children with excessive psychological pressure in the family. For example, in my practice it was a case of: gentle, vulnerable young man 14 years of age living in a family with a grandfather-military. And the grandfather of the well-meaning family planted in military discipline. The boy obeyed, but with scoliosis progressed every year. As soon as my grandfather died, the disease stopped progressing; with the help of special exercises for the spine managed to get rid of back pain and headaches, normalize blood pressure and get rid of the disease.

Excessive psychological pressure can be invisible to the adults in the family, but if the child is bent spine - this is a serious reason to think about the atmosphere at home. The child's body takes the brunt, not to let him "break" psychologically.

Skeleton literally bend under emotional pressure, allowing the child to keep the inner core. Patients with scoliosis - is, as a rule, people with a very bright and strong-willed, so after the external moral pressure weakens, they have an opportunity to restore health - despite the fact that scoliosis is considered a disease difficult to treat.

Representative examples

Here are a few examples of diseases that are easy to pass, if a person brings attention to the body, understand the emotional underpinnings of what is happening and taken for treatment in two ways: corrects physiological problems and dealt with the psychological.

Neck - a sore point for the socially successful women. Though we have talked about social equality, many of us, girls, high positions and great responsibility are more complicated than the gentlemen. We are more emotional and imaginative expression 'a big load on his shoulders "," very heavy burden "is often implemented in the form of tension and pain in the neck.

Stoop - one of the characteristic external manifestations regular sadness. Artists, animators are very bright, able to transmit the exaggerated posture sad person: neck and shoulders forward, spin the wheel, sunken chest. Grustyaschy people may look relatively slim, but a clear manifestation of this "sad" posture are just summarized forward shoulders and hump at the base of the neck. Very often this posture itself becomes a source of negative emotional background: people sad, hunched on this, but then the reason for the sadness was gone and posture remained - a man with a backbone easily falls into sorrow, the body retains its shape. In this case, work on posture can dramatically change the emotional background.

Cardiovascular disease, developing as a young man - one of the possible consequences of chronic stress of the diaphragm. The diaphragm tightens in response to each island experience, but, in my experience, the most striking of the diaphragm stress can be observed in people who are tough negotiations, have to regularly assert their rights (or the rights of companies, which employs). During the formation of this strain of the diaphragm becomes a support for them, strengthens their onslaught. If it becomes a habit, the heart is always in short supply place - and starts to fail.

Listen to yourself

The emotions experienced by an individual, unique. So, and their relationship to health is the individual. Above are a few typical examples of incorrect posture against the background of a particular emotional state, but do not rush to try on them on himself. Learn to understand your body, increase your own sensitivity - then the relationship of your personal emotions and state of health will be clear and easily remediable.

The best way to develop the ability to feel your body - eastern practices such as qigong for the spine. It will be easier to control emotions, the body will become more flexible, stable, and - most importantly - healthy system.