Psychological self-defense in diabetes

In order to really disease of diabetes has become a way of life, we can build a powerful psychological self-defense, based on a few fundamental concepts.

Patience. You are comfortable with their illness, performing all the necessary recommendations.

Altruism . You seek to help people with similar problems. This will help you better understand and own illness.

Vera. Often, in a complicated situation, a person turns to religion. You a believer, then you will be thinking about the vanity of earthly life. Many religions consider sickness and disease as a test for the purpose of purification and spiritual growth. On the other hand, will never forget the great Christian commandment: "You shall not tempt the Lord his", because only better safe than sorry. Be sure to monitor your disease.

The purpose in the future. No one person can not live without the constant desire for something. If you have a goal, to achieve that you need to stay healthy, it will help you cope with the first difficulties in the implementation of self-control and will support in the future.

Humor. Very good, if you have a remarkable ability to relate to any unfortunate with a certain degree of healthy humor. Smile and joking, it will help you cope with any situation.

Sublimation . If you learn to use the energy of negative emotions in a peaceful, non-destructive purposes, you will find one that can achieve such results, which may be, would never have reached without ill with diabetes.

Sverhadaptatsiya. This is an ideal form of psychological defense. Sverhadaptatsiya, exceeding personal level, allows you to change the social environment around the patient with diabetes. This form depends largely on the personal qualities and is not available to all.

Sverhadaptirovanny man does not adapt to the environment that surrounds it, and actively change the environment. What is it can be expressed? For example, the patient creates an organization that helps to adapt and other diabetics. This "collective wisdom" can achieve a change in social status of patients with diabetes, until the adoption of the law on people with diabetes, as is the case in some countries.

Do not forget about self-esteem. You - man, not a slave of his illness. Only such an attitude to yourself will help you to treat their distress, and to live a long and full life.

Under certain rules of life person with diabetes is no longer in effect, to hurt, because all health indicators had the same as that of a fully healthy person. The only difference is a way of life, aimed at achieving this result.

Methods of removing the emotional voltage.

- It is important to be aware of their feelings and emotions. One of the great ways - pronunciation of sore ears. Do not be afraid to think and talk about their feelings.

So you will avoid many misunderstandings, better understand yourself, learn to control their emotions. If you have the source you trust, - very good!

If not - Keep a journal. Verbalized their feelings and experiences, translate them into words; By the way, it's not as easy as it might seem at first glance.

Remember that emotions do not come from outside but from within us, so we can change them yourself.

- Try as much as possible from time to time to relax. The simplest thing you can do - take a warm bath with foam and aromatic salts.

- Try to learn some relaxation techniques. relaxation technique is based on controlling breathing and visualization, and it is possible to learn from professionals or from books.

- Do not be afraid to take pleasure in daily life. Do something so that brings you joy: buy a new dress, call a friend with whom long time no see, allow yourself some unscheduled entertainment. Remember how long have you been in the theater or in the country.

- Try to reduce the significance of the events happened "I, too, a disaster " "Oh well »

- Turn the psychic energy of negative emotions into energy physical activity. Move, walk and so on. N.

- Try to keep a smile on your face for ten minutes. All these ten minutes, the corners of the lips should be raised.

Remember, not only a good mood brings a smile, but the smile is a good mood.

- Learn to think and analyze. Soon you will begin to recognize your moods, and to translate the negative thoughts in your direction.