How to deal with stress?

Modern human stress catches up always and everywhere: at home, at work, in public transport Faced with difficulties, you become irritable, tired or even apathetic. He suffers from the nervous system, physical and mental health. In general, stress by itself - it is a state where all human forces are mobilized to combat life's difficulties. But for a long stay in this condition can lead to serious health problems. Therefore, let us consider how we can overcome the stress and become balanced and happy person.

What are the symptoms of stress?

So how do you understand that you are under stress? Very simple. The first signs of this unpleasant phenomenon as follows: insomnia; sense of anxiety; feeling lonely and insecure; abrupt and frequent changes of mood; apathy; depression; fear of losing anything.

All these symptoms lead to the deterioration of physical and psycho-emotional health, aggression and irritability, as well as to a decrease in mental activity and depression. That is why it is so important in time to take action and to fight stress.

What causes stress?

Before you start fighting with stress, you need to identify its sources. They can be both external and internal. The first group includes the events of our lives, which we perceive negatively: alarm before some event, financial difficulties, fear of change, or getting used to new conditions of life, rush, loneliness, conflicts with family and so on. The second group of causes greater psychological plan. They are associated with destructive thoughts of the individual. For example, you think: "I would like to do it, but I can not." Lack of self-belief, persistent doubts and unmet needs can often cause severe stress.

To successfully overcome the stress, it is necessary to clearly define why you feel it.
Take a piece of paper and write on it in the form of a list of all the sources of his wealth. This will help to analyze the stress level and control it. Think about the reasons you flimsy, easily disposable, and of what is necessary to work.

How to deal with stress: advice.

How is it possible to overcome the unpleasant condition? Trying to forget with alcohol or other substances, uncontrolled adoption of sedatives is proving to be inefficient and a deceptive way to escape from himself. This problem does not solve, only adds new. To cope with yourself, follow the simple but effective guidelines.

Follow anti-stress exercises. When the nerves to the limit, remember the simple but very effective exercise. One of them is called "corner". The essence of it is to close your eyes and imagine yourself in the "quiet corner". Everyone is a place in different ways: someone sees themselves on the beach, while others go for a walk in the woods, others fly to another planet. The main thing is to be mentally in the place where you will be well and happy. Stay a few minutes in harmony with yourself, relax and open your eyes.

Another exercise - "Smile". Force yourself to relax and smile. In this state, you need to spend 10-15 minutes. Initially, it will be quite difficult, but gradually exercise will turn out to cheer. The idea that the brain perceives a smile, as a signal that you are happy and configures the entire body to harmony.

"Anti-stress breathingĀ» normalizes your condition, and restlessness and anxiety go away. Now, inhale slowly through 5 for 5 seconds, hold your breath and then breathe out again about 5. Then inhale through 5 to pause at the expense of 4 exhale - at the expense of 6. Then subtract the second to pause and allow for exhalation. Repeat 5 times. Then breathe in the sequence opposite.

By the way, yoga classes, auto-training, special breathing exercises will be a great assistant in the difficult task of dealing with stress. Aromatherapy, listening to classical music and spa treatments will also help the body to relax and tune in the desired fashion.

Take meditation. You immediately imagine yourself in eastern dress in the lotus position? In fact, you can meditate anywhere and in different ways. Everyone does it in their own way. During jogging, walks in the park or just sitting in a chair at work, try to focus on a particular state or feeling, step back from everything else.

Through meditation, you can overcome problems such as fatigue, poor sleep, anxiety.

Analyze the situation. Identify the source of your feelings. It's not always easy to do, but after analyzing the cause of your feelings, you will be able to rectify the situation, and, therefore, to overcome the enemy by the name of "stress". Take a piece of paper and write down everything that is the cause of your anxiety, it will help find the right solution to the problems.

Make a plan Affairs. This will not only help to better organize themselves and more in time, but also is a kind of stress prevention. Be proactive and consistent, and it has a positive effect on your feelings and emotions.

Learn time management. To be able to manage your time - a great skill that plays a significant role in dealing with stress.

When a person puts in front of too many problems, and does not implement them, it is subjected to negative emotions. Therefore, the wise disposal of their time to avoid it.

Take love. It may seem illogical to try to forget about their problems with the help of a hobby, but it helps. Switch to the time to read your favorite book, watching a good movie good, go on an interesting show or exhibition. This will be a healing respite for exhausted thoughts and anxieties of the body.

Be an optimist. Look for positive things in everything, often smile and laugh. People who know how to look at life with humor is much easier to tolerate any difficulties. If you are unable to change the situation, change their attitude to it! In other cases, just "let go" situation, not focuses on the negative aspects.

Any trouble just think of how life experiences, which helps you to become wiser.

And stop thinking negatively about the future, thus pulling him themselves. Tune only positive.

Communicate with family and friends. Sometimes, in difficult situations it helps a heart to heart conversation with a native person. Not only that, after you have uttered, it becomes easier, but also the source will see the situation "from the outside", to support and give valuable advice. Do not hesitate to ask for help if you need it. For loved ones who love you, adequate consideration to such a request. Do not turn in on themselves. You might even decide to go to a psychologist, and there is nothing supernatural. You will receive professional advice to combat the negative emotions.

Vyplesnite emotions. No need to repress and suppress emotions in themselves, give them a way out.
Anger, irritation, aggression, "release" hatred, for example, in the gym. Just feel better. Especially this method helps men. As for the ladies, they give way to tears, feeling sorry for yourself and sobbing bitterly. And rightly so, as the unspoken words and emotions nevyplesnutye destroy the body inside. A relaxing bath with massage help to finally calm down, sleep and then start to think constructively.

A change of scenery. The point here is not about the hasty departure of the winter in the warm city of the country, although this option is very effective. Just change the familiar surroundings. For example, do permutation home, go for a visit, take a walk in a beautiful location. All this will distract from the sad and painful thoughts and helps you relax.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is a very important point, which is often unfairly overlooked. Exercise, walk in the fresh air, enough sleep, observe mode.

Physical activity is not only good for health but also great relieve tension, contribute to a good mood. Select a suitable option: morning jogging, stretching, shaping the house, regular visits to the gym, pool or even just being charged. This seemingly banal advice, but following them does not leave a chance to stress. Separately, focus on proper nutrition. To support the body in a difficult period, include in your diet every day foods rich in vitamins and minerals: vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, nuts, dried fruits. Especially lean on foods that contain high amounts of vitamins C, B1 magnesium and potassium. Perhaps it makes sense to drink the course of multivitamins.

Everyone has a wonderful arsenal of hidden features, to overcome the stress. You just need to learn to use them wisely. And remember: "What does not kill you makes you stronger." Therefore, when faced with stress, remember that you are completely powerless to help themselves.