7 things that are productive people do differently

We believe the productivity of the most important component of success and believe that if you truly give all, recognition and wealth does not keep you waiting. But productivity - is more than the ability to quickly and work hard, sure psychologist Benjamin Hardy.

Productivity - a vital position, and it can be learned, says Benjamin Hardy. Exactly how and what rules to follow those who have time to everything and more?

1. PRODUCTIVE people know who they are and WHOM WANT TO BECOME

We believe that if you work hard, will inevitably succeed. We undertake all at once, quickly cool off, start again, fiercely competing with others, suffer from the vulnerability and insecurity and so are looking for confirmation of our success in material things - big salary, a wide range of fans, diplomas and awards.

Really productive people are skilfully avoided this trap, do not require approval outside. They fully accept and understand yourself. No strangers clichés and standards have no control over their self-esteem. They are convinced that what they do is unique, so any competition does not make sense.

2. They have decided on the goal of life

Most of us secretly or openly hoping that someone, like a wise wizard, come down from heaven, and will set the direction of their lives. The main thing that this trend was socially acceptable, and even better - prestigious. So instead of doing what like, we choose a job that is reliable, it is associated with good pay and the prospect of fame beckons.

These people are not clairvoyants foresee what will happen to them in 10-20-30 years. They lead their ideal, so they are consistently and safely perform the steps in the same direction.

3. They are not interested busier than other people

We spend a lot of time watching other people. We are looking for them role models, or simply compare them with him, trying to surpass.

Those who are productive, are not concerned about other people's achievements. They believe that such a "shadowing" distract them from the business of life. Entrepreneur and bestselling author of Gary Vaynerchuk success strategies once said that he does not read other people's texts. It is "too busy creating their own content."

4. They do not care, think of them

The fear of public opinion - one of the biggest enemies of true productivity. Recall Coco Chanel, who openly confessed: "I do not care what you think of me. I do not think about you at all".

Productive creators devote the fruits of their labors themselves and the people for whom they are intended. They do not have a target audience. Therefore, they are virtually invulnerable to criticism.

5. THEY humanist

Despite the indifference to the opinions of others, they want to benefit humanity. They are extremely empathetic and eager to help others, or even better - to make the world a little better. "I think that the more one loves, the more he wants to act in love, there is only a feeling, I never call true love" - ​​this aphorism belongs to Van Gogh, one of the most productive geniuses in history.

6. They do not wait for the right moment

We often put off until later dream. When we will have enough time, money, necessary acquaintances but productive people do not need this "safety cushion". They joined in the work even when they did not believe even those closest to them. Before we received answers to all their questions. Even before you realize that the name of what they want to do. The only condition of their constant movement - a constant inner voice that pushes them forward.

7. They are not shy to ask for help

Confidence and courage - qualities of productive people, so it is easier to seek support and advice from others. And on your way to your goal does not stop them false pride. They openly declare their needs. As the founder kraudfandingovoy platform Kickstarter Amanda Palmer (Amanda Palmer), who left his record company and offered their fans to download their songs for free. In exchange, the fans are happy to have agreed to support its work with generous donations.