A psychological approach to the treatment of neuroses

There are a number of psychological techniques for the treatment of neurosis, a person could easily learn and heal itself in the early stages of the disease. To deal with neurotic conditions include a psychotherapeutic techniques: relaxation, meditation; autogenous training; igroterapiya; crowding out.

relaxation method is complete relaxation of body and mind. It is necessary to sit down in a comfortable position, close your eyes and do some slow breaths. Breathing should be deeply, imagining how air circulates throughout the body. Next, you need to present a beautiful landscape (for example, as you relax on the beach) and stay there as long as possible, not forgetting to do breathing exercises. Janet Rainwater offers neurotics present themselves in the form of a flower that changes color. After a few minutes of meditation you need to take a deep breath and as you exhale, open your eyes. His experience is desirable to write down on a piece of paper, or make a special diary.

Many people are concerned about how to get rid of their own neurosis, without visiting therapists not to sit long queue to see a doctor. Relaxation techniques and meditation are easy enough in their understanding and master them in the cellar.

Autogenic training is relaxation and self-hypnosis. It is necessary to sit down, relax and breathe in as much air into the lungs, imagining how they are completely filled. Next, you need to exhale all the contents, to see how it goes with the problem. Then similar exercises conducted with the feet, hands, stomach, shoulders and face. Impressions of the procedures need to be written in the diary. After all the manipulations person feels fresh and rested.

Unfortunately, neurosis affects not only adults but also children. Parents whose kids are prone to neurotic conditions, you can try to improve the mental health of his child through play. With this method it is possible to identify what fears disturb the child, which makes nervous and show aggression. Important in the game to allow the child to behave naturally, to express their feelings and emotions.

Parents should offer child play life situations, most anxious kid, with the help of toys. In childhood, the game is the best remedy for neurosis.

One of the causes of neurotic states - for years it accumulated negative that a person "swallows" without letting the emotions and thoughts go out. Very often the people themselves come up with the problems imposed on the disease, such as patients with hypochondriacal neurosis is so concerned about their health, they begin to fall ill by their own inventions. Therapists around the world are advised to "let off steam", in other words - to displace aggression and negative emotions. So, how to treat neurosis alone, with the help of special psychological techniques? Here are some suggestions to help get rid of excess stress and negative thoughts:

- Explain the essence of the problem situation on a piece of paper and burn it, imagining with all the negativity goes away with the smoke;
- Yelling into a pillow or in a deserted place, with a cry of negative emotions are released, and a feeling of relief;
- Hang house pear, represent the face problems with each stroke supposedly solving it;