Pain in the century suggests that a person defends himself badly

Eyelids - a movable bodies that protect the eyes from external stimuli (dust, cold, strong light). The eyelids may be suffering from irritation and eczema.

Pain in the century suggests that a person is not well protect itself from harmful external factors, that is too sensitive to what he sees. It is also possible that he does not allow himself closed his eyes to rest, because she wants to see everything, miss nothing, says a well-known psychotherapist Liz Bourbeau.

If you suffer from irritation of the eyelids, you should know that it is caused by your attitude to events rather than the events themselves. If you can no longer tolerate what is happening, allow yourself to close your eyes and relax. After a rest, you can more confidently make their claims, not seeking to rule over others and not expecting them to accept these demands. Try to be more tolerant.