How to stop postponing the case and finally work

Carefree days pass, and suddenly you find yourself before the fact: the deadline tomorrow, and you have not done anything

It usually starts as follows: there is a task to be performed. Time enough, but the task seems simple. You can afford to relax a bit. But the carefree days pass, and suddenly you find yourself before the fact: the deadline tomorrow, and you have nothing prepared. And the most annoying that you have already promised myself never to wait until the last. Experts tried to find out how to once and for all to defeat procrastination and begin to do everything on time.

Once we allow ourselves to disconnect from the cases at the thought that "it is not soon, I still have time", - expect trouble because procrastination has produced 20 series favorite series or a cozy blanket with a dozen books in the bargain. You can spend all day, no matter how much they may be in its sweet embrace, just until the moment when the alarm will cause you to meet with the harsh reality: deadline - tomorrow.

Why is that, if once caught in a trap, we again find ourselves in it?

Researchers say that our habit of putting off things exist because:

We postpone what love is not.

We are afraid to do well enough.

Accustomed to work in a mode of constant work involving all hands.

We overestimate their own strength.

Overworked and therefore prefer not to do anything.

The time that we spend in harmless "distractions", plays against us. We are losing the vision of goals, understanding the situation, self-confidence. As a result, on the eve of the date we just crushed.

What troubles bring us deferred until later (see "deferred forever") case: it damaged relations with friends that request, we have not performed, unpaid time accounts, which every day grow tarnished business reputation and endless tails of the examinations and pending meetings

American psychologists Diane Tice (Dianne Tice) and Roy Jay Bouwmeester (Roy Baumeister) note that procrastination - it is the habit of enjoying momentary rest, for which then will have to pay dearly. And among the obvious negative effects experts still dressed and hidden - personal:

Depression (from here it is insidious!).

Low self-esteem.



Unrealistic expectations.

The entire list is able to pull the nerves pretty even terminator. Therefore it is better to focus on how to get rid of the habit prokrastinirovat.

It turns out that all we need - a system of doing things. Many avoid ordering because they are afraid of the routine or restriction of freedom. But it's not as scary as it seems. And most importantly - is a direct path to victory and personal effectiveness.

productive life system:

1. Motivate yourself to perform each case.

2. Putting yourself deadlines for each stage.

3. Accountability friend or mentor.

4. Work /study intervals.

5. Exclusion of distractions.

6. Healthy Eating.

7. 30-minute daily workout.

The most important point - motivation. We will always be the case that we do not like, but the level of their contribution to our development is usually high. So before you tackle the next lesson, ask yourself a simple question: "Why am I doing this?" The answer to that would be a good inspiration for you.

Muhammad Ali once admitted that he hated the monotonous daily exercise, but a clear understanding that this is what makes him a champion, allowed him to overcome the desire to take time off.

Employment at intervals of "work - rest" will allow you to not burn out in the process, and exposed you as tentative dates - get a reward for each passed stage time. A friend or a mentor to help maintain a responsible attitude in the process. Researchers are also included in the list of healthy meals and half-hour workout, because they not only contribute to improving mental alertness, but also develop willpower. And she's just a direct counterweight to procrastination.

Thus, you can not just walk confidently towards the goals, keeping faith in success, but also to enjoy the pleasures of life measured. Self-reliance, positive thinking and a good relationship with the people become great bonuses on the way to change.