Exercises to improve the energy exchange with the outside world

Treatise "Nei Jing" says that a continuous and harmonious flow of life energy flowing in the meridians of the body, the disease does not nestle in man. Increasing energy of the body, you can cure asthma, diabetes, hypertension, ulcers, insomnia and other diseases. Harmonious energy implies normal functioning of all body systems: Immune, blood, reproductive, hormonal, etc. It constantly maintains human health, offsetting the negative impact of the environment, the author of the well-known system of healing Nishi Katsudzo.

Creating a normal flow of energy corresponding to the meridians, can overcome the negative emotion to deliver energy to the heart muscle and thus energize the brain. Its free flow keeps tissues of the body in the best condition, it postpones aging, maintains vitality and achieves longevity.

Unstoppable process of energy exchange between the human body and the cosmos happens all the time. Most of the cosmic energy is not in use, but if you learn to use it at least a few percent more, you can even benefit from the unfavorable conditions. digestive and respiratory systems will work better and at the same time consume less energy, and hazardous substances will not cause damage to health. Improve performance, people will be able to achieve results with less effort, and instead work in overload mode, it will work quietly, almost without straining. Reduce the number of injuries, and they will heal much faster.

Exchange energy with the environment and space is continuous. The Earth's energy fills it, rising from the feet to the heart, and cosmic energy enters the body through the crown of the head and falls down. At the heart of the merging of these energies and their transformation into vitality. When the process is disturbed and the heart is filled with only the energy of the earth, then it violated his normal operation.

Human Energy is changing every second, the body compensates for the energy differences, harmonizing energy. But if it remains too small, then full payment is not possible adverse changes. In such cases, the disease develops.

To cure it is necessary to raise life force and harmonize their own energy, what will help special exercises.

Exercise "Strengthening Earth Energy»

One of the methods of the Earth energy gain is the improvement of the sense of smell. Immediately after you wake up, still not getting out of bed, eyes closed, easy to retract in a breath and try to analyze the odors contained therein. For example, the smell of fried fish - it Machiko preparing breakfast. Within five minutes sniffing and try to identify as many as possible odors. Raw air smells of rain and wet leaves - hence the street is rain. Catch the scent of books, bought yesterday. Remember also smells that could not be determined. During the day, define and remember them as much as possible. Do this exercise every other day, and a month later begin to remember the smells of people. Gradually, the smell will escalate, and soon you will realize that the person in a calm state of smell is not as irritated or in a state of fear. Train to aggravate or "rough up" the sense of smell, if necessary. With the development of the sense of smell will be enhanced and enriched by the energy of the earth contained in the body. And it is closely related to reproduction and sexuality.

Exercise "Strengthening Water Energy»

After a few will develop the sense of smell, you can proceed to the development of taste sensations. Being alone, eat slowly and carefully, remembering the taste. Experience the taste of water, try and remember the flavor of dishes, evaluate how the taste of water from iron circles different from the taste of water from ceramic or porcelain mugs. Inhaling air through your mouth, try to determine its taste. Cut large foods and remember their taste, then cut them smaller and do the same thing, then even smaller and, finally, to remember the taste of products, crushed in a meat grinder. Compare all the tastes of each other and remember how they change depending on the cut.

Try to prevent the broth metal spoon, then wood and note the difference. Gradually, you will gain experience and will be sensitive to all tastes, it will allow you to avoid unhealthy foods is only necessary for the body. Often, dishonest people are added to the food practically inedible ingredients that can be harmful to health and are very difficult to identify without proper research. Having a good sense of smell and taste developed, you can always avoid this artificial food. you need to allocate at least a month on the development of these abilities, and better - to two.

Exercise "Enhancing energy Fire»

To enhance the energy of fire we need to develop the vision and ability to see. Sit comfortably, so that the back leaned back in his chair, put his hands near your knees and breathe as calmly as possible. Consider items that are around you, from those who are closest. Consider and without having to remember, skip to the fullest viewing the next item. When you reach the walls of the room - and examine them, and then move the eyes to the ceiling. Then sit for a few minutes with his eyes closed, relax and try not to think about nothing. Then consider further the objects, gradually moving to the closest. The next day, sit on the other side of the room and repeat.

Every day change location from which to consider things. Look at them lying down and standing up, with his superior height and standing on a chair. Carefully consider paying attention to the crack in the vase and change the color on the cover of the book. Then move on to viewing things in terms of colors. What shade of blue appears on the vase in the morning? How to change the color of the vase in the afternoon? What happens to it in the evening? Look at your home and try to remember the color and architecture. A month later, try to describe the most simple object, such as a vase: Blue vase on the neck of light cracks, etc. Then remove it and compare it with the description. Most remember the look of things. Engage in a way a month and learn to distinguish between shades. For best results, you can buy the album with shades of color (260000 colors). Strive to consider painting, noticing even the smallest details and the play of light and shadow.

Exercise "Enhancing energy Air»

Begin the exercise by trying to feel the familiar object with your eyes closed. Listen to your feelings. What do you feel in that moment, when the fingers are transferred from one object to another? Listen to yourself throughout the day, thus developing the sensitivity of the fingers. Try bare foot, with closed eyes, pat the ball or to raise a thin stick. Keep track of all your feelings. Capture attention at that moment, when the clothes touches the body. How different are your feelings from touching the wool sweaters and silk shirts. How do you feel in the body when walking fast and slow, and that in a state of complete relaxation. How to respond to the deep breathing and breathing through the mouth and through the nose, that is changing at a breath through the mouth and exhale through the nose and vice versa - when inhaling through the nose and exhale through the mouth. These exercises allow the body using energy to change the energy of the spirit and vice versa. They allow you to act quickly in an unexpected situation and turn it into favorable for themselves side.

Exercise "Lifting spirits up»

Direct neck allows energy Ki rise up and gain clarity of mind. Straighten your neck and imagine that stretches from the top of the silver thread, fixed on the sky. The head should be located exactly in the middle of the shoulders, without tilting to the left or to the right, the view is directed forward. The chin should be slightly directed downward, and the upper eyelid lowered to the bottom, so that the eyes were half closed. Easy Close the lips, preventing "leakage" of the internal energy Ki, and tongue, without tension, freely and easily tap the roots of the upper teeth. As a result of this vision is "inhibited", the spirit calms down, and the intracranial pressure to normal. Perform this exercise can be both sitting and standing. Feet shoulder-width apart place, and hands free along the lower body. exercise time - from 5 to 15 minutes.

Relaxation area waist.

The waist is responsible for the will to live. Intense body prevents normal flow of energy and prevents blood circulation. The ability to relax the waist region contributes a set of vitality from the environment and helps to acquire physical strength and strengthens the leg strength. Only with a relaxed waist spine through energy is flowing freely. For its relaxation lift both shoulders up, relax and slumped down, then take a deep breath, and you feel that the waist area to relax. This exercise should be repeated several times. It makes better use of the energy supply of congenital Qi and improves joint health.