Psychosomatic causes of pain in the back

Spine - our support and losing it in our lives, everything changes for the worse. How to fix it?

If we look back problems, it is meant here and back. When she hurt you, in most cases it is a question of pain in parts of the adjacent vertebrae and muscles.

Cervical department.

Pain from the cervical spine point to problems with the manifestation of the will. This is a fairly complex topic which requires more in-depth study.

Breast department.

The pain in the thoracic region of the back indicates emotional instability and lack of confidence if the person ceases to be active. It is important to be helpful, because the utility (active action) involves gratitude and appreciation, and therefore love.

Acting for the benefit of other people and expect the same in respect of itself. Some things he specifically does not make others to take care of it, but if the return is not received, then it begins to seem that someone is plotting behind his back evil.

The problem of localized pain in the thoracic spine - to show that too much should not be expected from people. If you can handle themselves - to deal, people do not stop in you need and do not become indifferent to you if you show a little more independence and responsibility.

Pain will be amplified in this place back in the case, if you react too sharply to the denial of care. You play the victim, waiting for other specific actions, and if people do not go on about you for the sake of their own interests, you feel resentment and detachment. These emotions and pain to materialize in the thoracic spine.

Do not forget the traditional treatment of degenerative disc disease and similar diseases, because the disease is necessary to neutralize in several streams.

Lumbar department.

Psychosomatics in the lumbar spine indicates a fear of poverty and material disadvantage. This is a very common problem for people taking on responsibility for other family members. We are afraid of material disadvantage especially when do not have the necessary support from the outside.


Hernia - another common disease faced by men, although women also it happens. Hernia - a kind of metaphor driven into a corner.

State when cornered, requires active action. He wants to do, and, I want to do it in one fell swoop, he spit on everything, but the internal gusts stop a strong fear of being left without a livelihood. Such mixed feelings arise when the work tired, and no prospects.

A hernia is an internal organ going beyond its cavity, as if the stored energy, not being able to function normally, it explodes in public places. Man straining from strong domestic aspirations and the same strong resistance.

If you encounter this problem, you need to focus on the fact that there is a solution, but it is you just do not see. You are not forced into a corner, you still do not know that standing next to the door, through which will be able to go out into a new life, and all that stops you - they are your fears and doubts.

Think about what you really want? What makes you happy? Do not ask yourself short-term decisions, impulsiveness - is not an option in this case. Make informed decisions, but rather, let it simply illuminate you.

Any character back pain indicates excessive wear. You too have undertaken, or too much on themselves saddled. Get rid of the pain prevents you inner fear. It is illusory and is dictated only limited outmoded belief that there is something you can not. You will be available all over the world, it is right in your hands, just allow yourself to get what you want, and you implement the ideas into practice.

Treat your back pain seriously. Spine - the foundation, without which everything else becomes meaningless. Be sure to go to the doctor to treat the body. Give yourself time for physical healing, so that you have time and spiritual healing. You want a lot and it's not bad, it's the other way around - good. Ambition - it is always a good thing, because you deserve a better life, a better financial condition, material things, and other things, but fears that restrict you as barbed wire, forcing you to stay within the walls of their miserable kennel. You do not take on too much yourself, you are afraid that too large a piece Bite and not be able to swallow. Here, as indicated by pain. Spine withstand all loads, if you believe in themselves.