Coping with stress helps normalize weight

It is no secret that sometimes depression and stress can become a cause of overeating that leads to weight gain and health problems.

Psychologists have come up with many ways to deal with stress. We bring you some of them.

Positive emotions. Stop talking about yourself is bad. As soon as you catch yourself thinking, "I've not completed this report," or "My house is a mess," stop and try to think about it in a positive light: "I will do everything possible to meet the deadline," or "So many things in my the apartment is associated with pleasant memories. " This technique may seem silly, but it will help you better control of your life and improve self-esteem and self-confidence. What is needed to improve the health and weight loss, says Lyudmila Rudnitskaya in the book "Living Water. Secrets of cellular rejuvenation and slimming. "

Think about it, what thoughts you are doing your daily activities? How often do you say something like:

- "To me it would not overpower!»
- "My God, to the end of the day still four hours!»
- "As it turns out from others?»
- "When I think about next week, so just not right!»

Negative inner monologue worsen mood, and deprives us of the vital energy. Once again, catching himself on a similar idea, turn it into a positive. For example, because:

- "I will cope with it, you just have to try!»
- "Well, four hours had passed!»
- "I will show next week, what I can do."

You would not allow colleagues to doubt your abilities. Why did you do bad to her about it? For a start it will be enough to realize that everything has a positive side. After a few weeks of this attitude is your attitude to life will begin to change significantly. You will become more confident in their abilities than ever before.

A wide range of communication not only allows you to cope with stress, but also increases the life expectancy!

As a child, easy to make friends. As adults, we keep in touch with only a few friends, youth and even with a couple of new friends (most of them are professional contacts that interrupted after retirement). Very often to adulthood we have formed a certain circle of acquaintances, beyond which we rarely go out. In addition to the timidity and lack of opportunities to explore, there is another significant obstacle: communication takes time. We are willing to spend time only on what "useful" to us.

It is proved that the centenarians - people with a large circle of acquaintances, surrounded by a wide social network. In other words, dialogue contributes to good health and longevity! What could be more important than that? If you're ready for half an hour a day to play sports, you can spend as much time and friends. After all communication with them would be a comparable positive effect on the duration of your life. Therefore, it makes sense to purposefully work on the formation and maintenance of a circle of close friends.

Ironically, the most ways to prevent communication designed to support this communication, - social networks on the Internet, cell phones and e-mail boxes. Remember: only useful living human communication - try to meet more often with friends in person.

Good tool for expanding network of contacts - the acquisition of a hobby that requires a "publication". For example, signing up for dancing, once you kill three birds with one stone - become physically active, carried away with something new and interesting, and have forged new friendships!

Remember that you need to spend time with those who charge you with positive emotions, rather than sucking energy. If you find it difficult to decide on this, after a meeting with a friend, ask yourself a question: you had fun and you make an effort to make it fun to your friend? People suck energy or energy vampires, as they are often called, do not increase our confidence and support in achieving goals. If a person annoys you, stop all communication with him. If this is not possible, accept the fact that it has created such a nature. Who knows, maybe under the pressure of circumstances you yourself would become a monster. Treat him with understanding. Learn to accept criticism without emotion - only logically. If it is objective, it will do you good - you extract from it a lesson. If not - what is the offense at a deliberate untruth?

Do not waste your time in vain. Testing physical and emotional overload, you become easy prey to stress. Planning, on the contrary, it helps to remove it. Try to count their time so that all keep up. When planning your life, you may find that from something should be discarded, and some boring but essential things have to spend more time. Remember that the plan - not to overload yourself chores. Rather, it means to find the time that you enjoy. Try a couple of days to record all their actions, in order to understand what you spend your life.

Live for today. Do not try to anticipate the problem, which is not in sight. It is not necessary to live in anticipation of trouble. Just forget about them. If you succeed, perhaps, circumstances change in your favor, and without your participation. Do not live in anxiety about the future - what would it be you or presented. Live a day today - and learn to enjoy the little things.

Accept the worst. Yes, but you have committed a serious mistake at work. The pulse quickens, blood rushes to the face, you run into the smoking nervously. Stay! Instead, take a deep breath and imagine the worst alignment (you are fired). This is the worst case scenario. You do not shoot, not sent to Siberia to clear snow. Losing a job, of course, a serious problem, but still mentally deal with it.

Now that you have calmed down, think - and whether it is possible to change the situation in which you find yourself? For example, to correct a mistake or to wrap it to their advantage? Only when a person resigns himself to the worst ideas come to it themselves. Informed decisions can be taken only by being completely calm.

Get rid of jealousy. If you are jealous of your partner, it means that his opinion of himself you value higher than their own. Learn how to evaluate themselves on their own! Jealousy is often said that you do not have anything besides the object of adoration. Pay attention to another area of ​​your life - work, communicating with friends, parenting, hobbies. Often remember the famous saying: "Do not put all your eggs in one basket."

Learn how to refuse. A familiar situation - a friend persuaded her to sit with a child, a colleague asks to "cover up" for work, the head of the work load, using your gentleness. And you take everything for granted. Stay! It is not a question of a culture of communication. It's a question of your character, and ultimately health. Do not shoulder the extra burden. Learn to say "no."

Get familiar with your memories. Are you happy with how was your life so far? Everything was perfect and now you understand that it was necessary to do otherwise? Psychologists say that most of us tend to assess the past objectively, and see it in a rosy light. And rightly so! No matter how much you have suffered in the crises experienced by the main thing that you have survived and have set new goals. You've got an experience that you will need in the future.
If all the time to think that you are unhappy and you have no luck, this image is unlucky unfortunate man materializes. Always assume a positive promise. Here are a few exercises to create a positive attitude.

To call in his state of inner peace and comfort, you can use the exercise "Refuge." You mentally imagine a quiet and comfortable place where you will not be disturbed and will not be disturbed, and staying in it for a while. It could be anything: a room, a cabin in the mountains, a hut in the forest, seashore, another planet. The only condition - to make you feel relaxed, comfortable, safe. You can stay there, allowing yourself to fully experience the pleasant feeling of security, peace, comfort. In this state, it can change the sense of time: a few moments and will stretch for hours - time enough to be able to calm down, relax, gain strength. When will feel calm and relaxed, you can get out of his hiding place and go back to the real world - it is deep enough breath and open your eyes. Use this exercise when you are under stress. With it, you quickly remove stress.

If you can not cope with unpleasant memories, perform this exercise. Remember the episode of his life, the memories of which cause unpleasant feelings, and imagine it as a sequence of pictures. Mentally put them in an album and remove the last on a distant shelf. Then imagine: photos fade to such an extent that the image disappears completely. It's simple, but very effective.

The main rule in dealing with stress, never hesitate to ask for help. In our country it is not accepted to attend the analyst, and it is in vain. If you suffer from depression, causeless anxiety, insomnia or constantly under stress, do not hesitate to ask for help. You can consult a doctor, psychotherapist or psychologist, who will find out what is happening to you, and help you cope with stress, anxiety or depression. A good friend is often better than any psychoanalyst!