Exemption: a state of infinite possibilities is quite real

The religious scriptures it is said that all things - it is a struggle of opposites: good and evil, light and darkness, order and chaos. Yet a decisive battle against the illusion of reality. No one gets up in the morning with the thought how wonderful it would be to live the day ahead in illusions. We assume that our personal reality is real, so it is difficult to imagine that everything we see, hear, feel, smell and feel the taste, is an illusion.

The theories of modern science have already discussed the physical world to the "bricks". Every solid object consists of invisible energy, and if you delve on the subatomic level, it turns out that the energy of a wave nature and there is no difference in time and space for it, says a well-known psychotherapist Deepak Chopra.

If you want to base your life on reality, then, doing their daily chores, we can not ignore the fact that the physical world - is an illusion. At the deepest level it disappears not only matter, but also time and space. They arise from the quantum vacuum, emptiness, which seems to contain nothing, but in fact is the source of each event and phenomenon, starting with the Big Bang, along with the endless possibilities that have not yet appeared in the cosmos. In the spiritual traditions of the world state of infinite possibilities is not something unattainable - is quite real state of being.

The real "I" excuse you, because takes you from the prison of your daily consciousness and plunges into a reality that has no boundaries and infinite in its possibilities.

Question confrontation of reality and illusion is to become your personal question, if you want to be free. The first step - it is frustrating. You acknowledge that you do not actually know, based on what your existence. This is the moment when you can come to new knowledge. And now - like a prisoner, who was staring at the four walls of the narrow, lit a small window at the top. The prisoner is the face of reality, if it is satisfied that he was in prison.

And if he did not recognize? What if he thinks that his camera - this is the whole world?
Then his concept of freedom might be considered insane. The same applies to each of us, living a limited life; but we do not consider myself insane. In the end, everyone we know, consider staying in a normal state prison.

Only a small group of saints, sages and seers loudly calls us to freedom. When you hear the call, consider that the transformation is near. Exemption is real, because real infinity, more real than anything that is perceived through your five senses.

To achieve liberation, you must do the following on a daily basis. Look beyond your limitations. You - a child of the universe, and this should be your guiding principle. Hold your attention on those moments when you feel free, fresh, when it seems that the whole world is open to you. Tell yourself that is what you touch, really real. Looking for love, happiness and the ability to realize themselves creatively - all this is your birthright. Commit yourself to the study of the unknown. Be aware that there is something infinitely precious, it is impossible to feel through your five senses.

Of course, there are those who say, "How can I change? It's too dumbfounded information. And will have to work too hard for it. " I agree. When before you open the details of personal growth, the picture looks quite extensive. No wonder the Indian spiritual tradition describes enlightenment as a golden palace, which brings happiness and freedom, and the destruction of your old reality like the destruction of huts, causing panic and anxiety when around you crumbling walls.

Let us try to formulate the questions at issue without metaphors. When you look around the world it seems real. And, of course, he was and is, but it is a reality where there is no true "I". When you reach the goal of your spiritual journey and again look at the world, it looks exactly the same. But now your consciousness is fully awakened, and you have established themselves in their true "I". While you are in the intermediate state between these two extremes, life seems incomprehensible. There are days when you realize it clearly. Events unfold as if someone up there watching you (in fact it is you take care of yourself). There are also days when spiritual life disappears like a dream, and you wallow in the same swamp as everyone else.

What keeps you moving? Think about how children develop. Days go on as usual, with their troubles and joys, and yet hidden reality unfolds itself. We can not see how the cells in the body grow, develop nerve fibers, the activities of genes and hormones and how as a result of their coordinated interaction of a single fertilized cell turns people.

Nature protects the process of our physical growth, in contrast to the process of spiritual growth. Here, everyone is his own master. You have to make a choice in favor of spiritual development, but it is also a natural. Together with the growing body and mind, and that he has to make decisions that determine your spiritual development. Self development plan is not difficult. You only need to ask yourself: if I choose X, it will contribute to my development or hinder it?

You may not like to ask him yourself. In life there are many times when you are much nicer to have fun or to succumb to a momentary impulse. You may also not like the answer you get. Spiritual development does not pursue any selfish purposes, and we all pushed by greed or desperation, used to primarily take care "of yourself, your favorite." None of these barriers is not important, as well as resistance, frustration or deviation from the target. While you can ask yourself this question - if I choose X, it will contribute to my development or hinder it? - You move to freedom.

Your real "I" - is the real you, but it can be felt? Everyday "I" already filled with a lot of impressions and events. To achieve a deeper level is required to hold a certain process. Daily orient themselves to the spiritual growth in the following areas:

Maturity - becoming an independent adult personality.
The goal - to find the purpose of your stay in this world.
Vision - making outlook, according to which you will live.
"Second attention" - the vision of the eyes of the soul.
Transcendence - going beyond the troubled mind and the five senses.
Exemption - freedom from limitations and attachments.
When all these aspects of your true "I" begin to unfold, they are united in the pursuit of one goal: the destruction of "illusion of reality", which prevents you from knowing their essence.