6 ways to remain optimistic in difficult times

Life is like this: one stripe white, the other - black. How to survive a difficult period and it does not lose any faith in myself or in the universal validity?

If things go badly, if it seems that everything is up in arms against you, the most important thing - not to fall into the negative. Yes, it is easy to say but hard to do, but it is simply vital! Learn to see a ray of light even in the darkest days! And these tips will help you with this.

Do not scold yourself

In difficult times, we usually begin to blame themselves for voluntary and involuntary sins: this is not taken care of, it has not provided here does not protect myself Such samoedstvo destroys the remnants of self-esteem, and soon you may find that you are not worthy of a better fate.

Try those moments when you descend the problem laugh! Make an effort and smile. You will be surprised what a smile can work, even if forced. If we do not get to laugh, see a comedy or read a funny book.

Think about your victories

Of all the events that have taken place with you throughout life, there were also good. And these good things - a direct consequence of your personality traits: persistence, hard work, and so on.

Think about how you get out of a sticky situation last, which could wrap up their advantage. If you happened then, will now!


When the situation becomes very complicated, such that any longer, go for a run Or do exercises. Or swim in the pool. Or play basketball Anyway, what type of physical activity you prefer, your main task - to disperse the blood, and ensure a flow of endorphins. And it is possible that if you engage in physical activity at least 20 minutes a day.

Naplyuyte public opinion

By and large, people talk about you and your failures just because it's nice to know: someone worse than me! Their gossip are not aimed at trying to make you better (or worse), and their opinion about you and your situation - a service of their own egos. Therefore, try to "keep face" to gossip about you less or God forbid do not think that you are bad - this is wasted energy consumption. Think about yourself, not about the impression you make on others.

Release some situations

The most annoying problem in situations that you are not able to fully take everything under control. You strive to do, spend time and effort, but, alas, circumstances are stronger than you. Try to let go of those situations that are beyond your control. And focus on what you can actually do. You can make a list of things you can do, and systematically do what you must. For example, if you work on reducing and you may dismiss, stop listening to rumors in the hope to find out if you get laid off. Do your work honestly, and in his spare time looking for a backup plan.

Slow down

When the level of stress is large, try to reduce it, at times abandoning some important things in favor of the rest. For example, naplyuyte cleaning in the apartment, but instead go to an exhibition or take a walk. In order to reduce the level of stress it is also helpful for some time do not include the social networks: they can trigger even more pessimistic.